1st Admission Test Information (Spring-2020)

School Program Last Date & Time of Form Collection Last Date & Time of Form Submission Type of Exam Date of Exam & Time.
School of Science & Engineering EEE & CSE November 14 , 2019 upto 12:15 PM (Online) November 14, 2019 upto 01:30 PM (Online) Written Test November 15, 2019 (Friday), at 10:00 AM
MSCSE -Do- -Do- Viva Voce -Do-
School of Business & Economics BBA, BBA in AIS & BSECO -Do- -Do- Written Test -Do-
MBA & EMBA -Do- -Do- MBA: Written Test,

EMBA: Viva Voce

MIHRM -Do- -Do- Viva Voce -Do-
MSECO & MDS January 01 , 2019 upto 09:00 PM (Online) January 01 , 2019 upto 11:30 PM (Online) Written Test January 3, 2020 (Friday), at 10:00 AM

*  Classes of all undergraduate & graduate programs will start from 18th January (Saturday), 2020.


 Admission Test Waiver:

*  Undergraduate Programs: For getting admission to undergraduate programs, admission   test is not required for GPA 5.00 holders in HSC/Equivalent exams. Last date of  admission for GPA 5.00 holders: 24th December, 2019.

** Graduate Programs: Admission Test is not required for getting admission to any Master’s program for the students graduated from UIU.  Last date of admission 24th December, 2019.

*** Credit Transfer Students: Credit-transferred students will be able to get admission to an  undergraduate/graduate program of UIU without Admission Test.

Collection of Admission Form: Admission Form is available at UIU Admission Office in working days between 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM. on payment of Tk. 1000/= (Non Refundable).

 Admission Form is also available on-line

Click Here For Online Form Purchase & Submission


The students graduated from the Universities mentioned below are not eligible to apply for admission to any Master’s Program at UIU.

  1. America Bangladesh University
  2. Darul Ihsan University
  3. Queens University
  4. IBAIS University

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