Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

BBA in Accounting & Information Systems (BBA in AIS)

Bachelor of Science in Economics

SCHOOL OF Science & Engineering

B.Sc. in Civil Engineering (CE)

B.Sc. in Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)

B.Sc. in Electrical & Electronic Engineering (EEE)

School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SoHSS)

BSS in Environment and Development Studies program (BSSEDS)

BSS in Media Studies and Journalism (MSJ)


 The minimum qualification for admission into an undergraduate program is:
  1. A minimum GPA of 2.5/2nd division/equivalent grade in SSC and HSC or equivalent public examinations. Students with GPA 2.00 in any examination either SSC or HSC, however, must have a minimum GPA of 6.00 totalling the GPA of both the examinations.
  2. O-level students must have completed a minimum of 5 subjects with Average Grade Point of 2.50 or above and A-level students a minimum of 2 subjects with Average Grade Point of 2.00 or above (scale A=5, B=4, C=3, D=2, E=1)
  3. For admission to BSEEE/CSE/Civil Engineering programs, students must have had Physics and Mathematics in HSC/A-Level or equivalent level.
  4. The students, who are sons/daughters of freedom fighters, will be eligible for getting admission if they have a minimum GPA of 5.00 totalling the GPA of SSC and HSC Examinations. Such students, however, have to submit the copy of authenticated Certificate as the proof of his/her father/mother’s identity as a freedom fighter.
  5. Acceptable score in UIU Admission Test.
  6. Admission Test is not required for GPA 5.00 holders in H.S.C/equivalent level of exams for getting admission to an undergraduate program.
  7. Credit-transferred students will be able to get admission to an undergraduate/graduate program of UIU without Admission Test.

Upcoming Programs

  • B.Sc. in Data Science
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharm) Professional Program
  • Industrial and Production Engineering (IPE)
  • English
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