Guiding Principles

To fulfill its mission, UIU applies the following guiding principles:

  • Study and students should be the first priority and the primary function of faculty/staff/administration. It should be motivated towards helping the students in succeeding academically and in the transition from university life to productive members of society.
  • To hire highly qualified and nationally and internationally reputed teachers to teach courses relevant to a continuously changing environment.
  • To provide the necessary infrastructural and logistic support and a campus environment conducive to teaching and learning endeavors.
  • To search out new trends in education in developed countries, identifying the trend and evaluating their adaptability in Bangladesh- to keep constant updating of the standard of education.
  • To establish joint degree and credit transfer programs with renowned universities abroad to facilitate quality education and to make foreign degrees available to the students staying in home country.
  • To conduct and support research for the advancement of knowledge and socio-economic development of the country through application of technology oriented knowledge.
  • To contribute to moral and ethical development of the students for creation of a society, which will be free from corruption and enduring and respecting each other for co-existence in peace and harmony in good environment in the society.
  • To disseminate knowledge under the coverage of ethical, human and rational approach reflecting national heritage, values and principles of Bangladesh with a view to producing graduates who will be sound professionally and upright morally.
  • To create an opportunity to have education, for all groups of people in the country including general people, rural, urban and fresh students as well as jobholders through on campus, online and distance learning education.

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