Instruction for Accessing Official Email Address
  1. Visit: gmail.com
  2. Enter your official email address which is provided by UIU and click next.
  3. Enter your password provided by UIU and click next.
    If you did not have the password please contact us at cits@admin.uiu.ac.bd

Tutorial: Click Here.

Instruction for Accessing UCAM
  1. Visit: ucam.uiu.ac.bd
  2. Click Reset
  3. Enter login ID (login ID is your student ID) and click Send Reset Link
  4. After click Send Reset Link, a password reset will be sent to your official email address, login your email and browse the mail and click the link.
  5. After clicking the link, this window will open. Set your own password from here.
Instruction for Accessing LMS
  1. Visit: lms.uiu.ac.bd
  2. Click on “Forgotten your username or password”
  3. Enter your username in the search box (NB: Your username is your student ID) and click search.
  4. After that, click Continue and check your official email address (ex: jhon203000@bscse.uiu.ac.bd)
  5. Open mail and click the reset link.
  6. Set your password and click “Save Changes”

Tutorial: Click Here

For any query, contact at cits@uiu.ac.bd.

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