Office of the Registrar is the central point of the university. This office plays a facilitating role in formulating administrative & academic policy of the university. Subsequently it acts as an implementing & coordinating body for execution of various decisions of the university. The major activities of Registrar’s office are as follows:

1. Admission Section

Registrar’s Office looks after the activities of Admission Section. Admission personnel provide all-out support and assistance to the admission-seekers in respect of giving relevant information and counsel them in choosing the programs suitable for a candidate for getting admission.

2. Registration Section

This section deals with students’ course registration at the beginning of a trimester. The students register their courses intended to complete in a trimester on advice & counseling of Advisors (faculty members).

3. HR & Admin Section

HR & Admin Section operates different types of HR activities such as arranging various tests and interview for recruitment of faculty & staff members, keeping leave records of faculty & staff members, performing relevant activities related to promotion, disciplinary action & termination of faculty & staff members and other activities related to staff management & administration.

4. Logistics & Maintenance Section

All logistic support towards smooth operation of the university as well as holding of various events and disposing of maintenance work of the university is performed by this section.

5. Procurement & Store Management Section

Registrar’s Office takes necessary initiatives in procuring different kinds of materials and stationery required for smooth operation of the university. Storage of purchased materials, distribution among the faculty & staff members and keeping records of store operations are one of the major functions of this section.

6. Public Relations Section

Registrar’s Office oversees the activities of Public Relations Section. The major functions of this section are to deal with the people coming outside of the university, making necessary arrangements for publishing different kinds of publications of the university, taking initiative for publishing various sorts of advertisements in the newspapers etc.

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