Vision: By providing state of the art technology services and supports the vision of CITS  is to create an enabling environment for UIU to become the center of excellence  in teaching, learning and research in the South Asian region

Mission:  By providing creative solution, responsive services and reliable access to technology, CITS will leverage the power of technology to help fulfill UIU’s  mission and vision

Technology is one of the main components to establish a Smart University Campus. By providing state of the art technology, services and supports, CITS creates an enabling environment for UIU to become the center of excellence. CITS leverages the power of technology by providing creative solutions, responsive services and reliable access to technology. A robust, scalable and  Tier2 standard Data Center has been established with 10G fiber backbone core network and disaster recovery solution. This highly equipped Data Center plays a vital role for ensuring seamless automated academic and administrative activities.


  • Campus-wide structured cabling system.
  • 1000 Mbps (minimum) connectivity throughout the network.
  • 1000 Mbps Internet connectivity throughout the campus.
  • There are 21 computer labs and more than 1250 PCs with latest hardware (core i7, nVME SSD, 16GB Ram, GPU etc)and software technologies.
  • Internet (proxy), Intranet.
  • 35 (thirty five) massive Dell PowerEdge servers with maximum 256 GB RAM  to run the university’s internal and external applications.
  • For security, CITS uses different Firewall.
  • 9 different file server systems which contain files of the students, teachers and administrative personnel.
  • Campus wide WiFi.
  • PABX phone system.

CITS Teams

With the vision of excellence in IT services. CITS builds team of professionals and provide them with necessary training and resource support. People working in the IT industry are invited to give the team a touch of professional quality in different dimensions of IT. CITS consists of the following teams:

  • Software development and maintenance team.
  • Network team
  • Hardware and System Support team

CITS Services

CITS provides technical support for the University automation, network and computer laboratory services. CITS is committed to offer courses and workshops catered for faculty and students with regular intervals. Our Computer Labs are equipped with the latest hardware and software tools. CITS also provides a forum for providing students with ideal computing facilities and services.

Major Projects

UCAM (University Comprehensive Academic Manager):

UCAM is used in UIU which stands for University Comprehensive Academic Manager. This covers the entire life-cycle of students starting from admission through degree completion. The system has been developed by a professional software company. CITS software development team studies the software application domain, prepares software requirements, specification and maintains the link between the software users and the software developers.

UIU and other Departments Website:

An elegant, service-oriented website has been designed and developed by a Professional Software Company. The website is used for various purposes such as posting the notices, announcement of the event, archiving past event, providing information of all the departments, institutes and administrative offices, library and various other services.

DPS (Documents Preservation System):

An online Documents Preservation System (DPS) has been developed by software development team of CITS. DPS is the process of storing students’ documents electronically. Once stored, the documents can be retrieved and displayed, processed and distributed to other users through online or printing facilities. It is much easier to track academic and supporting documents of any student through DPS.

Library Management System (KOHA):

KOHA is known as the most powerful integrated library system (ILS) in the world of Information & Library system. CITS Software Development Team has integrated KOHA with UCAM.

Online Room Booking System:

Web based schedule explorer is the system where regular classes, exam schedule, makeup classes and event schedules can be distributed in the different rooms of UIU. This system allows the faculty members and various other stakeholders to book room online.

Support Ticketing System for UIU Employee:

UIU Employee can submit a ticket through online for any sort of IT or logistics support. The ticket can be assigned or transferred to support stuff. CITS and logistics support team can manage, organize and archive all the supported requests and responses from one place.

UIU eLearning Management System- eLMS (Moodle):

Moodle is a software-based platform that provides infrastructure, framework and tools to facilitate online learning. An interface automation feature has been developed which enables data to be passed back and forth between UCAM and Moodle easily as per the needs of students/faculty members.

eCom Payment Gateway:

eCom Payment Gateway is integrated with UIU. Students can pay their tuition fees, convocation registration fees, seminar/conference registration fees through Debit/Credit Card, Nexus Card, Bkash or Mobile Banking any time from their own house.

Digital Repository System (Dspace):

DSpace is a digital service that collects, preserves, and distributes digital material. Repositories are important tools for preserving an organization’s legacy; they facilitate digital preservation and scholarly communication.

Conference/Seminar/Event Website:

UIU CITS shoulders the responsibility of developing website for conference/mega event organized by UIU.

Professional Software:

Cadence and ETAP software support are given by CITS team. Cadence is used on VLSI lab and ETAP use on ETAP lab.

Beside the above services CITS has developed and maintains Alumni Registration and support services, online degree verification and online job application services

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