Major Activities of Finance & Accounts Office

  • Preparation of yearly Budget of UIU
  • Maintenance of proper Books of Accounts on all kinds of Income and Expenditures of UIU.
  • Maintenance of Accounts for different Institutes & Research center of UIU.
  • Opening and maintenance of different Bank Accounts of UIU.
  • Prepare Financial Statements on Income and Expenditures of UIU for use of the management.
  • Submission of Financial Statements of UIU as per requirement of the University Grants Commission (UGC).
  • Maintenance of Contributory Provident Fund (CPF) and Gratuity Fund (GF) of the faculty members and administrative officials and staff of UIU.
  • Determination and maintenance of Ledger of Depreciation on Property, Plants and equipment of UIU.
  • Determination of yearly Cash flow Statement on Receipts and Payments of UIU
  • Preparation of Accounts on Income and Expenditures Statements and Balance Sheet of UIU for auditing by a Government appointed Audit firm.
  • Preparation of Statements on Tax and VAT deducted at source of the bills of various parties and Salaries of faculty members and administrative staff for submission to NBR.
  • Preparation of Income Tax return on Income of UIU for submission to NBR.
  • Any other matter on finance & accounts assigned by the UIU authority.
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