Bangladesh Corpus Lecture 2024 on “Judiciary in Bangladesh: An Overview”

May 6, 2024

United International University (UIU) had the privilege of hosting a distinguished session of the Bangladesh Corpus Lecture 2024, featuring Justice (Retd.) Mr. Moyeenul Islam Chowdhury. The event, highlighted by the esteemed presence of Mr. Hussain Haider, Former Justice of the Appellate Division of the Bangladesh Supreme Court as the Guest of Honor, took place on May 5, 2024. Prof. Dr. Md. Abul Kashem Mia, Vice Chancellor of UIU, along with many faculty members, staff, and students, also graced the occasion.

Justice Chowdhury’s insightful lecture delved into the crucial aspects of the judiciary’s role in Bangladesh, emphasizing the significance of judicial review in maintaining the rule of law. He detailed how judicial independence is protected, ensuring fair and impartial decision-making which bolsters public confidence in the legal system.

Highlighting the judiciary's achievements in building trust and providing equitable justice, Justice Chowdhury also candidly discussed the ongoing challenges and the gap between public expectations and judicial outcomes. His talk sparked a vibrant discussion on the future of judicial processes in Bangladesh, showcasing UIU's dedication to nurturing an informed academic community.

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