Institute of Natural Sciences

This institute was founded in 2006 as an offshoot of UIU. INS consists of three disciplines of physical sciences: Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry.  These physical sciences deal with the truths of nature and the laws that govern the world. In INS, there are 13 high-profile active faculties of whom one is a PhD holder. In addition, 9 faculty members of INS are on study leave in different well-recognized foreign universities. Besides, in each trimester, a number of well competent faculties from different public universities join the institute as adjunct faculties. INS has a history of providing quality education to the students.  The teaching methods applied in INS show results of effectiveness and are supposed to undergo further improvement.

INS plays an important and indispensable role in the study of engineering and business. The aim of INS is to adhere to the academic thrust of quality as well as to contribute in advancement of society and industry. In consequence this institute helps engineers to extend their strong research background. INS is committed to nurture and sharpen the intellectual growth and skills of the students through the application and dissemination of engineering.

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