The Proctorial Rules

Considering the campus violence and harassment of the female students in the educational institutions, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh had sent directives to all educational institutions regarding the code of conduct of the students. It is the duty of every student to help the authorities in maintaining a congenial and harassment-free environment in the campus. Such an endeavor requires avoidance of improper behavior and indecent dress-up on the part of both male and female students. We expect that all of our students will behave in a proper manner and dress decently which is consistent with our culture and religion.

Recently, there have been a number of incidents of unacceptable behavior by a few male and female students at UIU campus. UIU authorities have dealt with them with appropriate degree of punishment. UIU authorities intend to make it very clear that improper behavior and indecent dress-up in the campus will be dealt with zero tolerance. We seek cooperation and assistance from the rule abiding students of UIU to uphold the good name of the university in the days to come.

UIU authorities have formed a proctorial committee to monitor the activities of the students to which any violation in the rules of the university will be reported and dealt with. Students may directly contact any member of the proctorial committee in case of necessity.

Disciplinary Rules:

The guidelines for the disciplinary rules are given below:

  1. Students without wearing ID Card will not be allowed to enter into any UIU Campus. They must also wear their ID Cards all the time while they are inside the University campus.
  2. Students must not willfully damage, disfigure or destroy any university property.
  3. No club or society other than recognized clubs or associations shall be allowed to be formed. No party or entertainment shall be held at the university premises nor shall a student play musical instrument(s) or use a loud speaker at university premises during university hours without prior permission of the Proctor.
  4. No meeting of the students other than the meetings organized by the university or different Departments/Institutes or student clubs recognized by the university shall be held at any part of the university campus without prior permission of the concerned authorities.
  5. Unauthorized postering at university premises is not allowed.
  6. No demonstration shall be organized in any part of the university campus.
  7. Uploading of indecent pictures or making indecent and untruthful comments via any website like facebook, twitter, messenger, email etc. is strictly prohibited.
  8. Association with any social, political or religious organization connected with activities endangering the security of life & property of the citizens or of the state is strictly prohibited.

Code of Conduct regarding wearing of dresses at university campus:

  1. It is expected that all students of UIU would wear decent dresses consistent with our culture.
  2. Wearing of ‘shorts’ or sleeveless dress is strictly prohibited at university campus for a male or female student.
  3. A female student is expected to wear long and loose dresses with ‘orna’ at university campus.

Code of Conduct regarding male & female student relationship:

  1. It is expected that the relationship between male & female students should be such that no nuisance or untoward incident occurs at university campus. The relationship between male & female students should be friendly but would not cross the limit of decency.
  2. Students of opposite sex should avoid touching each other (like holding hands etc.).
  3. Students should refrain themselves from using indecent phrases or words or physically assaulting their fellow students even in the case of a disagreement or quarrel.


A student found guilty of violation of the provision of the sections described above will be liable to punishment up to expulsion from the university as per UIU disciplinary rules.

Punishment for adopting Unfair Means: Following types of punishment will be meted out for adopting unfair means in the examination:

  • Adopting Unfair Means for the 1st time:

i) Class Test:       Course Expulsion

ii) Mid-Term (1/2) & Final Exam: Trimester Expulsion

  • Adopting Unfair Means for the 2nd time:

i) Any type of Test/Exam:          Trimester Expulsion

  • Adopting Unfair Means for the 3rd time:

i) Any type of Test/Exam:          Expulsion from the University

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