Final Exam Schedule – Spring 2024 Semester
Publish Date : May 16, 2024
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*Last update: May 16, 2024

Guidelines for the Invigilators

Conducting of an examination properly depends on the role of the invigilator(s) in the exam hall. Invigilator’s active surveillance is very important in every moment of the exam. To keep a pleasant and supportive environment in the exam halls in accordance with the rules and regulations of the University please read the following directions carefully:

  1. Please collect the exam scripts and question papers from the department at least 30 minutes before the exam starts. You should enter the examination hall at least 15 minutes before the exam starts.
  2. Please read the exam details including duration of the exam from the question paper.
  3. Try not to swap your duties without the permission of Head of the Department/ Program.
  4. Please announce the following rules to the students before the exam starts:
    1. No materials or electronic devices shall be used in an examination except those authorized by invigilator.  Unauthorized materials include, but are not limited to: books, class notes, or aid sheets.  Unauthorized electronic devices include, but are not limited to: cellular phones, laptop computers, programmable calculators and smart watches.
    2. Ensure that all bags and other personal belongings are deposited in the designated area. Mobile telephones, smart watches or other electronic devices must be switched off and put into a bag in the designated area.
    3. Sometimes unfair means are adopted through writing on the back cover of the calculators.  That’s why please Ensure that students leave the back covers of their calculators in their bags along with their mobile phones and smart devices.
    4. Candidates who bring any unauthorized materials or electronic devices into an examination room or who assist or obtain assistance from other candidates or from any unauthorized source are liable to punishments.  Following types of punishment will be meted out for adopting unfair means in the examination:
      1. Adopting Unfair Means for the 1st time:
        • Class Test:                             Course Expulsion
        • Mid-Term & Final Exam:     Trimester Expulsion
      2. Adopting Unfair Means for the 2nd time:
        • Any type of Test/Exam:      Trimester Expulsion
      3. Adopting Unfair Means for the 3rd time:
        • Any type of Test/Exam:      Expulsion from the University
  5. Please also announce the following to the students:
    1. Mobile phones of students, confiscated for adopting unfair means in the examinations, will be returned to the students only after registration of courses in the next trimester/ semester.
    2. Keep the ID Card in your possession as per rule before the exam starts.
    3. If you have any query or you need additional paper sheet please raise your hand. I will attend you immediately.
    4. You are responsible for handing over your completed answer script or unused loose sheet to the invigilator before leaving the examination hall.
  6. Please note that students misbehaving with examiners/invigilators in the exam hall will receive expulsion for one/two/three trimesters, depending on the severity of the misbehavior, for the first offense. In case of a second occurrence, the student will face permanent expulsion from the University.
  7. To take attendance of the examinees after verifying the ID card properly. Student’s identity should be checked properly to ensure that right person is sitting in the exam. In the exam hall if any student does not have ID card a declaration form must be filled in by the student (please collect the declaration form while collecting answer script from the dept.). This declaration form should be countersigned by the invigilator. The invigilator may contact the Office of the Exam Controller to check the records if there is any doubt about a candidate’s identity.
  8. Sign on the answer sheets with date within one hour after the exam starts after verifying that all the information has been filled in on the front page of the answer script.
  9. Please make sure that the answer script has been used properly before issuing additional sheet to the examinee. The invigilator should sign each additional sheet before handing it to the student.
  10. Please do not use your mobile phone or talk to your colleagues at the time of invigilation. You are also requested not to involve with any other activities other than invigilating the exam. It may distract the students and also give opportunity to the students who want to cheat.
  11. Please try to avoid unnecessary announcements (like calling absent students. In that case you may go to the seat and check the student ID of an absent student).
  12. During the exam it is important to walk occasionally between the rows of desks to maintain effective invigilation. It is also requested to stand in different corners of the room to observe from different angles to ensure that examinees are not engaging with unfair means.
  13. It is the duty of the invigilators to guard against all kinds of malpractice or misconduct on the part of any candidate in the exam hall. Please report such malpractice or misconduct to the Controller of Examinations by filling-in a Form available at the Department/Exam Controller’s Office along with Answer Scripts and evidence of malpractices. This report is to be submitted to the Exam Controller’s office within 2 (two) working days of the incident. (Please check the attached file)
  14. Never leave a room unattended.
  15. No Examinee is allowed to go outside the examination hall before completion of the examination.  You can give permission in an exceptional /emergency case only.
  16. Inform the students ten minutes before the exam finishes.
  17. Please collect the answer scripts from the examinees as soon as the examination is over and count the scripts and see whether it matches with students’ attendance sheet. During this time do not allow the students to leave the examination hall.
  18. Examinations of different sections/programs having different duration should not be taken in the same room. If it can’t be avoided please ask the candidates of shorter duration to leave the room quickly and quietly after their exam is over to avoid disturbing those of longer duration. Otherwise, the students need to remain seated till the end of examination and invigilators count the answer scripts and match them with the number of students as per the attendance sheet.
  19. When candidates leave, please check that they do not walk out with answer scripts, unused loose sheet.
  20. Please return surplus copies of loose sheet and exam scripts to the respective departmental office immediately after the examination is over.

Nargis Jahan
Controller of Examinations