Hult Prize at UIU 2024

February 5, 2024

Hult Prize at UIU 2024

An Intra-University Innovative Entrepreneurial Idea Competition

Fueling dreams, sparking innovation! Join the Hult Prize 2024 at UIU Team Registration– where visionaries unite to drive positive change. Embrace the challenge, and ignite your passion. Be part of the change and witness the birth of solutions that will make a lasting impact. The Hult Prize 2024 at UIU waits the next generation of change-makers.

Prize Pool: Total 20,000 BDT (Champion: 10,000 BDT, 1st Runner Up: 6,000 BDT, 2nd Runner Up: 4,000 BDT)

For more info, Visit our booth (1st Floor Lobby), Register now, and shape a better future.

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This Year's challenge in Detail:

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