Congratulations to Ishmam Ahmed for achieving the Adjudicator Break at KUET IV 2023!

October 3, 2023
Congratulations to Ishmam Ahmed, an active member of UIU Debate Club,  for achieving the Adjudicator Break at the prestigious KUET IV 2023! ????✨ This is a remarkable accomplishment, and it reflects Ishmam’s dedication, passion, and hard work in the field of debate and adjudication. Securing the top adjudicator title in a tournament with 48 teams from all over the country and more than 20 independent judges is truly impressive. Ishmam’s expertise and eloquence have clearly set him apart and earned him this well-deserved recognition. Isham’s success is a testament to his commitment and talent in the world of debate and adjudication, and we can only imagine the great things he will continue to achieve in the future. Let’s celebrate this incredible milestone and wish Ishmam all the best as he continues to excel in his endeavors! ????????

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