Adam Smith and the Practice of Mal-Economics in Bangladesh
Publish Date : February 4, 2024



Organizer :
Department of Economics
Venue :
Smart room 126 (1st Floor)
Event dates :
February 4, 2024 3:30 pm to

Seminar of the Department of Economics

Seminar on “Adam Smith and the Practice of Mal-Economics in Bangladesh”, organized by the Department of Economics-UIU, is going to be held on
Sunday, February 4, 2024 at 3:30 PM smart room 126 (1st Floor).

Department of Economics, UIU, is celebrating Tercentenary Birthday of the Father of Modern Economics, Adam Smith (born 1723 AD).  Adam Smith remains broadly relevant to Economists, Political Economists as well as to other Social Scientists.

Join us in the timely remembrance of Smith by exploring the value and the relevance of the contribution to all of us even after 300 years.

Resource Person:

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Fouzul Kabir Khan

Adjunct Professor of Economics and Finance
United International University
Former Secretary, GoB

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