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UIU Debate Club (UIUDC)

United International University Debate Club (UIUDC) was formed on February 14, 2004. It is one of the oldest clubs of UIU and one of the top debate clubs of the country. UIUDC has a long heritage of success in the debate arena from the last 18 Years. The objective of UIUDC is to create and nurture debaters, bearing the flag of UIU nationwide in the prestigious debating tournaments. UIU debate team has participated in different international tournaments in Malaysia, Philippine, Berlin (Germany), Oxford IV, and Cambridge IV etc. The following are the flagship programs of UIUDC:

  • Intra UIU Debate Championship 
  • Clash of Ages: An open tournament that cares for no institutional barrier and is the mega celebration of nations declared best debaters
  • UIU National Debate Championship: This tournament is held in 4 segments: Inter school, Inter College, Inter University Bangla and Inter University English

Some recent achievement of UIU Debate Club (UIUDC):

  • In October, 2023: Champion in ‘Upay Presents the 3rd BRUDA IV National Debate Championship 2023′ held on held on 7th of October 2023 at Begum Rokeya University.
  • In June, 2023: Champion in ‘Jaguk Tarunno, Bachuk Poribesh’ held at University of Chittagong on 18th June 2023.
  • In October 2022: Champion in ‘Auko-Tex Presents BUTEXDC National DebateFestival 2022’ held at Bangladesh University of Textiles on 1st October 2022.
  • In September 2022: Champion in Martyred Dr. Shamsuzzoha Memorial 6th Gold Bangladesh National Debate Fest 2022 held at Rajshahi University on 2-3 September 2022.
  • In2019: Champion, Coca Cola IV and Runner Up, PCDF IV
  • In 2018: Runner Up, Nurul Islam Memorial Tournament and Runner Up, East west IV
  • In 2017: Champion, Senora National Women Debate and Runner Up, UIU IV
  • In 2016: Runner Up in ICT Debate Fest organized by Bangladesh Debate Federation. UIUDC also won the Championship in She Dialogue organized by Jahangirnagar University Debating Society.
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United International University Cultural Club (UIUCC) was established in 2006 with the objective of igniting the torch of culture among UIU students. Since its inception it has been performing healthy cultural activities for the last 16 years and has become the powerhouse of entertainment. It is the biggest club among UIU clubs and forums.  This club regularly trains its members to perform singing, fashion show, choreography, skit, dancing, poem reciting, magic show, anchoring and what not! It arranges CLUB FORUM FEST, UNPLUGGED, MEGAHUNT, BOSHONTO UTSHOB, YOLO Fest, Alpona Utshob, Art & Essay Competition etc. It also coordinate to observe Pohela Boishakh, বিশ্বকবি রবীন্দ্রনাথ ঠাকুর ও জাতীয় কবিনজরুল ইসলাম এর জন্মজয়ন্তী, Friendship day, UIU Open day and other national days like Language Martyrs’ Day (21st February), Martyred Intellectuals Day (14th December), Victory Day (16th December), Independence Day (26th March) every year.

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UIU Theatre and Film Club is one of the oldest clubs of UIU. It provides the opportunity to make the UIU students more confident by living a life of acting, mimicking and enjoying the character of beautiful life. It also helps to learn acting, direction, scriptwriting, stage performance and many more skills. They used to arrange dramas and short films, workshops and other competitions every year. Tokkor, Comedy Fest, Lights Camera Action (An international short film festival) are the flagship programs of UIUTFC.

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The UIU Photography Club, initially known as the UIU Photography and Journalism Club, was founded in 2007. In 2009, it became the UIU Photography Club (UIUPC). Its primary mission is to inspire UIU students to pursue photography, fostering their passion through hands-on practice and shared experiences. UIUPC continually explores the creative realm of photography via workshops, photo-walks, and exhibitions, providing a platform for UIU’s photography enthusiasts to hone their artistic skills. For the past three years, UIUPC has organized the “Shutter Stories” national photography exhibition, receiving a remarkable response and hosting it at Drik Gallery and Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy. UIUPC also organizes the following events:

Muthography: Intra-University mobile phone photography exhibition

Photo Carnivals: Intra-University photography exhibition

Shutter Stories: National level photography exhibition

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UIU Business Club is one of the leading private university Business Clubs in Bangladesh. From its inception in 2012, its primary objective is to develop the latent professional and entrepreneurial potential of UIU students on the theme of IMAGINE > BELIEVE > CREATE. UIUBC is for dreamers and doers and its fundamental belief is that all students have immense entrepreneurial potential and it helps students discover and act upon that potential. UIUBC used to arrange Marketing Samurai, The Millionaire Mind and different workshop and seminars every year. UIUBC participates in different programs like Brandwitz and others. Team Arcane, a team consisting of former president and vice president, became champion of the HSBC-IBA Business Case Competition in 2018. The flagship Programs of UIUBC are as follows:

Marketing Samurai: It is designed to provide a platform for undergraduate students to implement their theoretical knowledge in real life and solve marketing based problems.

Corporate Gladiators: A national business competition is designed to emphasize the value of an ability to deliver clear, concise and effective oral presentations along with scenario analysis and ending up with a creative and feasible idea.

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This is the only club which organizes all the sports activities of United International University. UIUSC organizes Annual Sports Competition, Intra-Varsity Cricket Tournament, Departmental Cricket Tournament, T-10 Cricket Tournament, T-20 Intra University Cricket Tournament, Intra-Varsity Football Tournament, Vice Chancellor Cup Football Tournament, Club Forum Futsal Football Tournament, Departmental Football Tournament and Inter College Football Tournament. UIUSC also arrange indoor games such as Inter University Table Tennis Tournament, Chase and Carom every year. UIUSC participates in different Cricket, Football, Tennis and Chess tournament outside university.

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Founded in 2011, the UIU Social Services Club (UIUSSC) stands as a prominent student organization at UIU. Its core mission is to extend a helping hand to the underprivileged within society. The club’s primary objective is to offer voluntary social services to those lacking basic necessities and opportunities. Annually, the UIUSSC organizes initiatives such as the Winter Clothing Drive, Blood Donation Campaign and Social Awareness Programs.

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Established in February 2013, UIU Electrical & Electronic Club (UIUEEC) is the pioneering engineering students’ club at UIU. UIUEEC focuses on enhancing engineering students’ skills, offering technical guidance for academic and competition projects. These skills prepare students for the competitive job market and boost their confidence. The club hosts various events, including seminars, workshops, study tours, competitions, exhibitions, and webinars. It also arranges practical training sessions on different topics like embedded system, PLC, electronics circuit design, PCB design, programming etc. UIUEEC organizes its flagship Programs like EEE Department Project Show, EEE Day (Project Showcasing) and ‘Tech Quest’ which is the biggest technical festival of the university.

Former executives of UIUEEC are working for various type of multinational and global brand company like Dhaka WASA, Toshiba, Energypac, Super Star Group BD, Doreen Group, Ulkasemi Limited, Solarland Bangladesh Co. Ltd., Centre for Energy Research (CER) of UIU, Scube Technologies Ltd., East Coast Group, SYMPA Solar Power Ltd., Sincos Automation Technologies Ltd., Instrumentation Engineering Services Ltd. (IESL) and many more.

UIUEEC boasts its glorious participation in Techkriti 2018, held at Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India. In the Robo War Category of the competition, the club secured first position in the Bangladesh Zonal Round.

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UIU Robotics Club was formed in 2016 to introduce the Embedded System and Robotics among the UIU students as well as building relationships with the corporate world. UIU Robotics is successfully doing research on Mars Rover organized by Mars Society. The objective of UIU Robotics is to build a progressive platform for Robotics enthusiasts by active participation in research, training, and contest, various programs, workshops and competitions that help to create connections among students, teachers, and employers. UIU Robotics Club has already developed some multicopter and participated in national and international events. SoccerBOT, an interesting event for the first time at UIU that is about playing football using own made robots.

Some events organized by UIU Robotics are as follows:


Innobotics: UIU Robotics Club has organized INNOBOTICS, which is a national robotics competition held at UIU. Multidisciplinary students participates from several categories in this competition.


Ideastorm: A virtual-competitive idea contest arranged by the UIU Robotics. To help Technology- enthusiasts re-embark on their idea ship in an ocean of discovery and increase their confidence level.


Arduino Day: Arduino Day is a worldwide birthday celebration of Arduino. UIU Robotics celebrated this event every year, and arranged a workshop on Arduino.


CSE Project Show: Every semester, the Dept. of CSE, UIU organizes CSE Project Show to enlighten the student’s interest in their lab projects. UIU Robotics gives the proper support of hardware projects and hosting the event.


Electronics & Basic Robotics: UIU Robotics arranges a workshop named ‘Electronics & Basic Robotics’ for introducing basic concepts and components of robotics, and also revision of Electronics Fundamentals.

Outside the Circuits: UIU Robotics Club is bringing “Outside The Circuits”, a weekly webinar series on various fields and technologies in STEM, conducted by distinguished professionals of our country.


Major Projects & Achievements of UIU Robotics are as follows:

  • Finalist, University Mars Rover Challenge, 2017: The University Rover Challenge (URC) is the world’s most premium robotics competition for college students. UIU Mars Rover Team participated in URC 2017 and was qualified in the top 36 teams according to their System Acceptance Review (SAR) result.
  • Champion, Brackathon, 2017: BRACathon is a platform that is designed to encourage & engage Bangladesh’s youth technology students and professionals in solving some of the nation’s social problems. UIU Robotics participated in this national competition and provided an optimal solution to given problems. And they became the champion of that season.
  • Champion, Techfest, 2017: It is Asia’s Largest Science and Technology Festival, attracting people from all walks of life, including students, academia, professionals, and the general public. UIU Robotics participated in the Bangladesh Zonal Round and became the champion of the battle bot segment.

Runners Up, CoronaThon-19, 2020: CoronaThon-19 is a “Hackathon on Combating the Coronavirus” organized by Daffodil International University, where different technology-based solutions will be called from the students all over the world to solve the challenges brought on by the current pandemic. A team from UIU Robotics became runners-up by solving a problem.

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UIU Computer Club is one of the active and popular clubs at UIU and has been working successfully from the beginning of UIU. The objectives of this club are to widen the scope of its members to make them prepare for the competitive software and IT industry. It aims to impart knowledge that is not usually covered in mainstream areas therefore it will be beneficial to our members.

UIU Computer Club covers a wide array of areas, including ASP.NET, PHP, Android, ACM, Networking, Robotics, and Website Design. Additionally, the club serves as a bridge between the IT industry and the academic realm, facilitating interaction and collaboration. It hosts a range of impactful events such as the Google Android Study Jam, Design Thinking Workshop, UX/UI Workshop, and Cross Platform Game Development Workshop.

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UIU Supply Chain Club (UIUSCC) was recently formed with the students of Department of BBA majoring in Management who have interest in operations management, project management and supply chain management. The mission of the club is to provide students with an opportunity to get beyond pure classroom learning and to interact with practicing managers. It aims to educate and engage students about the broad area of supply chain, which encompasses roles from logistics to sustainability and numerous others. The club provides opportunities for supply chain management students to engage with their class and the community and introduce them to the world of supply chain and help them thrive in it upon graduation.

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UIU Model United Nations Club is designed to help students acquire the leadership skills. UIU MUN Club members have already participated in several international programs like Asian International Model UN 2011 (AIMUN), China, Global Model UN Conference 2011 (GMUN), South Korea, Columbia Model United Nations VI (CMUNNY), New York, USA, Bangladesh International MUN 2012 (BIMUN) and Bangladesh MUN 2012 (BIMUN).

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UIU Marketing Forum

UIU Marketing Forum is a wing of UIU Directorate of Career Counseling & Student Affairs. The objective of the forum is to develop an exclusive network of marketing students of UIU and also to develop relationships with marketing leaders of Bangladesh. Brand Master is its signature program.

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UIU HR Forum

UIU Human Resource Forum (UIU HRF) is a platform for students where they can learn and get to know about the corporate world and to know about HR works and responsibilities in the corporate sectors. We are a bridge that connects to the corporate world.

Since its inception in 2014, the forum has been regarded as one of the most prestigious and renowned student activity organizations which has been keeping its motto from its first day. From workshops to seminars, from national and intra level competitions to excursions, we try to bring everything possible for the benefits of the students.

We maintain a great unity from alumni to current members of the forum. Our strength is our bond between the past and present. Our legacy keeps intact through a strong leadership under the guidance of the Advisor Panel by bearing the motto of PEOPLE, PROCESS & POWER. HR Hulk is its signature program.

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UIU Finance Forum

UIU Finance Forum is a student initiative which started in 2014. The forum was formed with an objective of sharing knowledge and information about the financial sector and bringing about active participation. Market updates and gives you the opportunity to connect with other financial professionals. Train Students for their development &Evaluate students’ performance. In addition, we organize networking events. We are a team working to match education to the practical world & our work for finance. The Excelist is its signature program.

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UIU Accounting Forum

UIU Accounting Forum is Nurturing Soft Skills of the students to prepare them not only perfect for the Corporate Galaxy, but also as a great human being by Organizing, Developing and Implementing all programs through talents to enhance our knowledge. Accounting Olympiad is its signature program

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UIU App Forum

UIU App Forum is a great initiative of UIU campus to develop revolutionary apps and services for promoting digital Bangladesh and its activity. This platform not only serves to promote app ideas, but also encourages people to share their experience, programming ideas and marketing in the same phase. Our forum is also dedicated to making a tech revolution to enhance human empowerment.

UIU App forum motivates each and every student from any category to think and share their ideas and services among everyone. We also support and guide them to execute their conception.

This forum will help everyone to make eventual dissolution of marketing, programming and design to create the most effective experience for their services/ideas. Anybody from different disciplines can join and form a team to start up with their ideas to reach their goals with the leverage of mobile revolution.

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UIU Communication Society

UIU Communication Society was founded in 2017 but re-established in 2019. Since then its main target is to enhance and develop students’ communication skills in both Bengali and English. It is a platform where students get an opportunity to regularly practice their communication skills. It conducts weekly in-house sessions for their members where they participate in group discussion, practice grammar, speaking & writingUIUCS also focuses on developing skills like email writing, working with Google suite, basic designing and many more basic skills required in daily life. Along with the in-house sessions, we work with reputed companies and arrange different skills development workshops, sessions, training for everyone. All the recorded programs are also uploaded in their YouTube channel for later use by the participants and everyone.

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UIU Entrepreneur Development Forum

UIU EDF’s vision is to develop prudential entrepreneurs who can compete in this high-tech competitive world & by breaking dogma they will be able to create their own reality & pull their own stream. The forum influences our students to think big, dream big & educate them to understand the notion of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship 360 degree is its signature program.

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UIU English Language Forum

UIU English Language Forum consists of the students of UIU who are eager to improve their English language proficiency. Not only English proficiency but also work with students career development. To develop the English language skill we arrange seminars, workshops, competitions, interactive sessions and study circles. English Edge is its signature program.

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UIU Association of Civil Engineering Students

UIU Association of Civil Engineering Students (UIUACES) is a platform for the Civil Engineering Students of United International University to develop Engineering Skills. It is newly formed under the direct supervision of an advisory panel of UIU.

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UIU Science Forum

UIU Science Forum is built upon the purpose of cultivating the interest of the students in different branches of natural science- physics, chemistry, mathematics and even biology. From the intermediate level to the undergrad- a significant transition happens to the students, particularly to the engineering students. They dive into the realm of applied field more. But no one can deny the importance of basic natural sciences and even more interestingly, many of our students have a thirst to know more about the pure science fields. In the undergraduate syllabus, they may get two-three courses in mathematics, physics and chemistry. But it is not enough for the enthusiastic students. To be more specific, students who want to participate in various competitions like Mathematics/Physics/Chemistry Olympiads need a platform to sharpen their background more. For the first time in UIU, a platform to face this demand is created. This platform is our UIU Science Forum. UIU Science Forum will be coordinated by Institute of Natural Sciences (INS), UIU. Founded in 2006, INS consists of three disciplines of sciences- physics, chemistry and mathematics. INS is committed to nurture and sharpen the intellectual growth and skills of the students through the application and dissemination of engineering. To prepare our students better for the Olympiads and also to give them a solid background on branches of physical sciences- UIU science forum will work passionately. The activities of UIU Science Forum include the arrangements of related seminars, workshops, training programs, intra and inter university Olympiads, talks etc. In the limited time allotted for the class, it is a duty to follow a carefully organized syllabus. But often the enthusiastic students need some more time, some more knowledge and some more guidance from the respected faculties. UIU Science Forum creates the ground of that interaction between students and faculties beyond the class time. We are at the very beginning of the journey of UIU Science Forum and we hope it will be one of the most engaging parts of UIU. It will evolve with time like all the things but the main theme will always be to nurture the need of knowledge in a more interactive, engaging and effective way.

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UIU Literature & Writers’ Forum

It’s an open platform for whom, who loves writings. This forum has developed to discuss about the cultivate knowledge of human.

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UIU Junior Economists’ Forum

UIU Junior Economics’ Forum is to foster the advancement of the social sciences and serve the community by informing them of events on economic issues. It provides the students with information and literature concerning work in the field of economics. Hult Prize at UIU is its signature program

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