Undergraduate Program


Name of Programs Credits Per Credit Fee Trimester Fee Admission Fee Total Fee (Taka)
BBA 123 5000 5000 15000 6,90,000
BBA In AIS 123 5000 5000 15000 6,90,000
BSECO 120 3700 5000 15000 5,19,000
BSCSE 138 5000 5000 15000 7,65,000
BSEEE 146.5 5000 5000 15000 8,07,500


Graduate Program

Graduate Programs:
Criterion for Tuition Fee Waiver
Payable Amount  includes Admission Fee Tk. 15,000
(36 Credit Hours)
MS in Economics
(30 Credit Hours)
(42 Credit Hours)
(39 Credit Hours)
GPA 3.50 on Scale of  4.00  & GPA 4.37 on Scale of 5.00 in HSC & above or equivalent level public exams: 25% Tuition Fee Waiver (Per Cr. Tk. 3750/-)
For MSECO & MDS per Cr fee Tk. 2775/-
Tk.  1,58,750 (33 Cr.*)*1
2,08,750 (45 Cr.)*1
2,70,000 (60Cr.)*1
Tk. 1,70,000
(Theory Based)*1
Tk.  1,77,500
(Project Based)*1
Tk. 1,92,500
(Thesis Based)*1
Tk.  1,21,025
(Research Paper Based.)*1
(Thesis Based)*1
Tk.  1,55,000
 (30 Cr.)*1
Tk. 2,05,000
(42 Cr.)*1
Tk. 1,43,225
(Course Based)*1
Tk. 1,48,775
(Thesis Based)*1
Regular Per Credit Fee Tk. 5000/-
For MSECO & MDS per Cr fee Tk. 3700/-
Without Tuition Fee Waiver
Tk.  2,00,000 (33 Cr.*)
2,65,000 (45 Cr.)
3,45,000 (60 Cr.)
Tk.  2,15,000
(Theory, Project &
Thesis Based)
Tk.  1,46,000
(Thesis & Research
Paper Based)
Tk.  1,85,000          (30 Cr.*)
Tk. 2,50,000           (42 Cr.)
Tk.  1,79,300
(Course & Thesis Based)

** MIHRM: Special discount is available for the deserving candidates.  For details, please contact with Admissions Office.


* Admission fee Tk. 15,000 (non-refundable) as down payment during admission.

** Caution money for ID Card Tk. 2000 (refundable) payable at the time of taking Admission.

*** Per Trimester Fee Taka 5000.00

The Following conditions will however apply:

    1. Students of undergraduate programs must register a minimum of 9 credits in each trimester to be eligible for  UIU Scholarship.
    2. *1 Students of graduate programs must register at least 6 credits in each trimester to be eligible for both tuition fee waiver and UIU Scholarship.
    3. *1 Students availing 25% tuition fee waiver in the graduate program will have to maintain a minimum CGPA of 3.50 in the trimester examination for continuation of the waiver facility in the following semester.
    4. Caution money for ID Card Tk. 2000 (refundable) payable at the time of taking admission.
    5. Students would be required to pay an amount of Tk 15,000/- as a partial payment of tuition fees before registration of courses. The rest amount of payable tuition fees shall have to be paid within the deadline of payment of total tuition fees.
    6. If a student drops a trimester /drops all courses registered in a trimester within the stipulated time, his/her tuition fees will only be adjusted with the tuition fees payable during the next registration of courses. Besides, if the student cancels his/her admission after dropping a trimester/dropping all courses, such tuition fees will not be refunded.
    7. Students applying for I grade in a particular trimester would not be eligible for any scholarship scheme of UIU for the following trimester.
    8. Fee for “Retake” & “Repeat” of courses: 100% of tuition fee.
    9. Top 20% students will be eligible to get 25% to 100% scholarship by taking at least 9 credits for Under graduate Program and 6 credits for Graduate Program and achieving trimester GPA of 3.50 as well.
    10. Tuition fee waiver/Scholarship is not applicable for Thesis/Project/Internship.
    11.  Applications of course waiver/credit transfer must be submitted to respective departments before registration for classes in the 1st semester. Different departments may have some additional requirements.
    12. Dept. of MBA/EMBA: Applications of course waiver/credit transfer must be submitted to respective departments before registration for classes in the 1st trimester. To get course waiver / transfer, minimum grade must be B (or 60% marks under traditional system). Waiver can be allowed for a maximum of 9 courses. Syllabus and grading system of the previous program will be considered for a waiver decision.
    13. Photocopies with attestation of all certificates, marks sheet (For Diploma students All semester’s mark sheets & EMBA 2 years job experience certificate), testimonials, Students own National ID Card/Birth Certificate/Passport copy, National ID Card of Father/Mother, 2 copies of recent passport size & 1 copy of stamp size photograph (which you uploaded online) are required to be submitted during admission time.
    14. The signature of Father / Mother / Guardian is mandatory on the Admission Form. If anyone puts his / her signature as a guardian, the photocopy of National Id Card of the signatory has to be submitted in the Admission Office.

Collection of Admission Form: Admission Form is available at UIU Admission Office in working days between 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. on payment of Tk. 1000/= (non-refundable).

* Admission Form is also available on On-line. (www.admission.uiu.ac.bd)

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