Globalization in the present world has created abundant opportunity and at the same time huge competition. And to last in the competition to grab opportunity the class room based education is not enough. Therefore, it is necessary to open more learning process to develop students’ mental faculty, intellectual ability and inner qualities.

This learning process can bring benefit when a student side by side with his academic curriculum participates in co-curricular activities i.e. debate, seminar, symposium, workshop, cultural program, community services program and games and sports of his own choice and likings.

With this aim in view, co-curricular activities of our university have been evaluated and accordingly the Directorate of Student Affairs has been set up which plays the central role in the development and growth of students in co-curricular activities. These student activities are promoted through a number of student clubs. The clubs are UIU Debate Club (UIUDC), UIU Cultural Club (UIUCC), UIU Theater & Film Club (UIUT&FC), UIU Business Club (UIUBC), UIU Computer Club (UIUCCL), UIU Electrical & Electronic Club (UIUEEC), UIU Photography Club (UIUPC), UIU Social Services Club (UIUSSC), UIU Sports Club (UIUSC), UIU MBA Club (UIUMC) 

The clubs are having student committees administered by the Moderator (Faculty Member).The club activities are coordinated by the Directorate of Student Affairs (DSA) headed by the Director of Student Affairs assisted by the Executive & Asst. Director of DSA. The Directorate provides all sorts of support services to the student clubs. The clubs are engaged in continuous innovation and intellectual creativity.

One of the major Services of Directorate of Student Affairs (DSA) Office for creating the opportunities of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities for the student is to nurture a several number of clubs to explore and support the talents of students. DSA also arranges interest free loan for the Students in the emergency and urgent need of them. Since last one year, UIU DSA office has disbursed at least 30 lacs taka as interest free loan among the UIU students. In addition to that, UIU and United Group provide donation or financial support from ‘UIU Welfare Fund” to the Students who suffer from the sudden crisis happening during the Study life at UIU.

Recreational Facilities

UIU provides round – the-year indoor and outdoor recreational facilities.UIU indoor sports center is located at the main campus.UIU clubs organize indoor and outdoor games, debates, seminars, workshops, cultural programs, educational tours and also participate in different inter university tournaments.UIU students also participate in voluntary blood donation program, community and humanitarian services program Some of the clubs publish newsletters, magazines etc.

There is a separate common room for the female students with light equipments for physical exercise.

UIU Gymnasium is well equipped and it is run by Asst. Director, Physical Education (Professional Instructor) to train the Gym enthusiasts.

Clubs Under DSA Directorate of Student Affairs Personnel



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