Publish Date : 4th September, 2021


This is to bring to the notice of all UIU Students that the Govt. has taken decision to complete Covid-19 Vaccination of all students, teachers and employees before reopening of the University.


In this connection, University Grants Commission of Bangladesh (UGC) has requested us to send relevant information of all students, teachers and employees of the University within the shortest possible time. We would require sending the Lists of Students of the following categories:

  1. List of Students who have registered, however, the dates of 1st dose have not been notified as yet.
  2. List of Students who have registered and received 1st dose, however, the dates of 2nd dose have not been notified as yet.
  3. List of Students with Birth Registration No. (Who have no NID).

In view of the above perspective, students are requested to provide the required information by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Login to UCAM
  2. Click on Vaccine Status from menu
  3. Select your Vaccine Status
  4. Provide Vaccine Name and Vaccination Date (If you select Yes)
  5. Provide your NID Number
  6. If not registered yet, then provide the reason
  7. Click on Save/Update

Due to time constraint and urgency of the issue, all students are requested to update their vaccination status by September 6, 2021 (Monday) positively.


Lt. Col. Md. Fazlul Hoque (Retd.)
Registrar (Acting)

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