Publish Date : 31st May, 2020

Due to the recent crisis emerging from COVID -19 global pandemic, UIU authority has decided to expand the UIU Student Welfare Fund to disburse interest free loans to financially affected students.  It is worth mentioning that UIU Student Welfare Fund was established in 2005 and since then interest free loans are disbursed among the needy  students. UIU authority expects that interest free loans will help many students to overcome financial hardship caused by the recent pandemic.

Now we are happy to announce that ‘Loan Disbursement for Summer 2020’ is going to commence from 15th June 2020. Students who need loan are requested to apply for the loan on or before 22 June 2020. Detail Loan Application procedure is mentioned below—

  1. Download Loan Application Form. (Download link:
  2. Fill up the form clearly and properly, as no incomplete and unclear application will be accepted for consideration.
  3. Send the application to from your UIU webmail (email provided by UIU CITS) only. It is important to note here that mail form unauthorized email address (email addresses not provided by UIU CITS) will not be considered.
  4. Official notification (whether your loan application is granted or not) from DSA will be sent.

NB: If you have any queries regarding ‘Loan Disbursement for Summer 2020’, please contact Md. Shohel Rana, Executive, DSA, Phone: 01922022260 email:


Directorate of Student Affairs

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