Publish Date : 19th September, 2022

General Notice

Lately, in the background of some announcements from certain quarters regarding political activities on the private university campuses, the UIU authorities have been receiving anxious queries from our students, existing and prospective, as well as from their parents/guardians as to the position of the United International University (UIU) on the matter.

The UIU authorities, as it is wellknown, keep the interest of its students as the prime factor in formulating the governing policy of the university, and it will continue to do so. The UIU has the highest respect for the political rights of all the citizens of Bangladesh, including of the students. At the same time, the UIU is firmly committed to maintaining its apolitical nature in the greater interest of its students, particularly through providing them with a congenial and peaceful academic environment. The UIU is also determined to ensure an atmosphere free from all types of issues that the UIU Board of Trustees—constituted and empowered to administer the university—considers unhelpful for the academic activities of our university.

This is also an occasion to reiterate that we are a university that upholds the values of inclusiveness, freedom of choice, and cultural and social diversity. This is a university dedicated to the development of leadership and professional qualities in each and every student of the UIU. To explore, nurture and further enhance a range of skills in our students, professional, cultural and social, the UIU directly patronises some 27 student clubs, forums, etc. and the number is growing. Most of our students are engaged, in one way or the other, with the never-ending activities of these highly vibrant student forums, which are organised and managed by our students with UIU supervision. Many of our clubs are reputed nationally and internationally for their enviable performances—be it in the field of science and technology (UIU Mars Rover Club winning the first position in Asia and 13th globally in the recently held competition in the USA) or in the cultural or sports or intellectual domain (UIU Debating Club securing first position in the 6th Gold Bangladesh National Debate Fest 2022)—bringing in a series laurels for themselves and the UIU. Our students are committed to maintain this environment, which is conducive to their aspirations.

The UIU authorities, therefore, would like to assure its students, parents and all our well-wishers that the UIU would continue to strictly follow its current policy of not allowing any political activities inside the university, would strictly prohibit use of its logo by anyone who is not explicitly authorised by the UIU to do so, and would continue to enforce its prohibition to any political or politically biased activities inside the university. All of our students, however, are completely free to carry out their political activities outside the university campus and without using the university logo in any manner.

Dr. Md. Zulfiqur Rahman

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