Publish Date : 23rd October, 2020



Due to the coronavirus pandemic, all classes of Fall 2020 will be conducted online until further notice. To attend the online classes, students will have to access eLearning Management System (eLMS) to get the instructions of respective courses.

Faculty members will provide the link of online platform (e.g. Google Classroom/Meet, Zoom) to conduct the classes in the first section of the course page in eLMS.

Courses are enrolled automatically for those students who completed their registration before October 22, 2020, 11:59 PM. Students, who will complete their registration, add course, or change any section after October 22, 2020, will not be enrolled in their courses automatically. They have to be enrolled in their courses manually (Self-enrollment).

Procedure to enroll Course Manually:

  • Login to the new eLMS (
  • Enter the Course Code of your registered course (e.g.: CSE 323, BST 2216, EEE 105) in the Search Box of the Course search menu
  • You will find the list of courses with section names
  • Click on your registered section and you will be asked for an enrolment key. Default Enrolment Key for all courses: 1234

For any query, contact at

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