Publish Date : 26th September, 2021

United International University (UIU) and UCSI University, Malaysia signed MoU on March 24, 2021. To expedite the research and collaboration among the two top-ranked universities, a departmental meeting was held on September 23, 2021 over the Zoom online platform.

Deans, Heads of the departments, Director of International Affairs, Directors of the graduate programs and other distinguished faculty members were present in the program. Representatives from both Universities presented the information regarding student exchanges, collaborative research, graduate program, faculty exchanges, and joint supervision of the graduate students.

From UIU, Prof. Dr. Raqibul Mostafa, Dean, School Science and Engineering, Prof. Dr. Salekul Islam, HoD of CSE Department, Prof. Dr. Mohammad Nurul Huda, Director, MSCSE Program and Prof. Dr. Khawja lftekhar Uddin Ahmed, Director, Center of International Affairs and Collaborations (CIAC) delivered their thoughtful speeches. On the other side, from UCSI University, Dr. Kurunathan AL Ratnavelu, Director, Institute of Computer Science and Digital Innovation (ICSDI), Asst. Prof. Ts. Chit Su Mon, HoD, Computer Science, ICSDI, Dr. Javid Iqbal Thirupattur, Head of Postgraduate Studies, ICSDI shared excellent information. Prof. Dr. Md. Motaharul Islam, CSE, UIU and Asst. Prof. Dr. Shayla Islam, ICSDI, UCSI University initiated the MoU and hosted the program.

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