Publish Date : 14th July, 2020


6th Episode: ‘Life as a Student in 4th IR
Date: 14 July 2020 (Tuesday)
Time: 7.30 PM
Platform: Facebook Live (Event Page)


We promised to deliver a Webinar Series of the highest quality and to further the promise, we bring you an exciting 6th episode, designed exclusively to understand the preparation of students in 4th IR.

The exclusive episode will oversee two phases of constructive opinion building on ‘Life as a Student in 4th IR‘.

For the first phase of the episode,
UIU EDF heartily welcomes Mrs. Azwa Nayeem, an Acumen Fellow and Global Shaper at World Economic Forum.

Working as the Chairperson of Alokito Hridoy Foundation, she is prominently known for her endeavors in bringing innovation to education, making her the perfect fit to emphasize on the responsibilities of students in their preparation for the inevitable 4th Industrial Revolution.

UIU EDF would also take proud in introducing the panelists of the second phase of the exclusive episode:

Mr. Nuren Iftekhar
Ms. Tazreen Zaman Chowdhury
Ms. Prapti Taposhi and
Ms. Nazifa Raidah

With a panel comprising of very unique people from diverse backgrounds, UIU EDF is confident in delivering proper guidelines and more importantly, hope, to the fellow student viewers.

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