Date: 1st January, 1970

Venue :

Session on “Mental Health Awareness – Diet and Nutrition”

UIU Social Services Club (UIUSSC), one of the leading clubs of Directorate of Student Affairs (DSA) of United International University (UIU), is going to organize a session on Mental Health Awareness – Diet and Nutritionfor all students, faculty and staff members of UIU. A booth will be set up for 2 days (8-9 November 2022) to Check-up weight measurement, blood pressure, body temperature, oxygen level, heartbeat level etc. with free of cost.

Program Details:

Date: 8 November, 2022 (Tuesday)

Time: 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Venue: UIU Auditorium

Topic-01: Mental Health Wellbeing

– Cognitive, behavioural and emotional issues
– Depression, phobias and anxiety
– Social difficulties
– Emotional problems & Grief
– Addictions and substance abuse
– Financial challenges
– Psychological distress
– Self-esteem issues
– Treatment plan

Topic 02 – Nutrition and Diet

– Regular dietary chart
– Weight gain/Weight loss
– Target energy and protein intake
– Nutrition supplement/therapy
– Food allergies and intolerance
– To treat depression and anxiety disorders
– Physical activity
– Avoidance of unnecessary medication

Guest Speakers:

Ashraful Bari
Psychologist and Addiction Professional
BSC and MSC in Psychology
PGT in Psychotherapy and Psycho Sexual Therapy (BSMMU)

Tasnim Asiq
BSC and MSC in Food and Nutrition Science, DU
Clinical Nutritionist and Diet Consultant
Dhaka Central International Medical College

You are cordially invited to join this health awareness session.



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