A team of knowledgeable experts at UIU has been working diligently behind the scenes to train students and professionals and make them career-ready.

Starting from having a beautiful-looking campus, and great facilities to offering lucrative career opportunities, UIU has got all the potential aspects.

Apart from providing a great learning environment, UIU also provides other opportunities to help its students prepare better for global challenges.

Some of its noteworthy extra-curricular activities include indoor and outdoor games, debates, seminars, workshops, cultural programs, study tours, and also inter-university tournaments. 

There are so many other benefits and academic advantages a student can get once they enroll in UIU.  

Let’s explore more in detail what other opportunities UIU has got to offer the students.


State-of-the-Art Facilities

UIU is best at providing remarkable facilities to all its students from every department type. 

The diverse facilities at UIU are designed to provide a good and safe environment for students to efficiently carry out their studies and research-based work.

Facilities like state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, lab resources, libraries, classrooms, galleries, canteen, research places, clubs, and other logistics facilities are noteworthy.

To let students gain more practical insights, this institute also arranges corporate tours, picnics, study tours, and site visits. 

UIU offers more than 20 clubs and forums including UIU Cultural Club, Photography Club, Sports Club, Business Club, Marketing Forum, Finance Forum, HR Forum, etc. many more.

The UIU library section has got all the diversified educational and research-based resources to support a better learning experience for the students. From research materials, and books, to journals and customized databases, everything is there. 

The laboratory section of UIU provides versatile facilities to let students conduct academic experiments and research-based projects. 

The lab section offers computer labs, Software and Network Lab, Programming Lab, Application Lab, Cisco Lab, Simulation Lab, Browsing Lab, and many more. 

Other types of labs at UIU include the Digital and Microprocessor Lab, Electronics and Power System Protection Lab, Electrical Circuit and Microwave Lab, Control, Measurement, and Instrumentation Lab, Energy Conversion and Power System Lab, DSP and Communications Lab, etc.

Students from EEE and CSE departments will mostly find them beneficial to enhance their academic growth.

The resources and facilities that UIU provides highly contribute to the personal and professional development of the students.


Student Life


A. Career Counseling Center (CCC) 

Apart from academic support, UIU has introduced Career Counseling Center (CCC) to guide students make better career choices.

The mission of CCC is to provide updates on career opportunities to the students and guide them to acquire skills and knowledge accordingly.

The job market is ever-changing and remains challenging as always, and that’s why, UIU prepares students through CCC to help them compete better. 

CCC allows facilities like internship placement, alumni association, assistance in job placement, career-based workshops, seminars, and training programs.

From teaching presentation techniques, and resume writing, to conducting on-campus interviews and industrial or corporate tours, CCC does it all for the professional development of UIU students. 


B. Center for Development of IT Professionals (CDIP)

UIU has introduced the Center for Development of IT Professionals (CDIP) to the students of the CSE department to help them excel in the ICT industry. 

This center is designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of CSE students so they can advance in the technical field. 


C. Center for Information Technology Services (CITS)

CITS is particularly great for maintaining vast information in a systematic manner to efficiently run the university campus. 

It is one ideal platform for UIU that provides better computing facilities and services.

They provide all the necessary training, resources, and technical support via CITS to help students and professionals in all aspects of their study life.


D. Directorate of Student Affairs ( DSA)

One of the major goals of the Directorate of Student Affairs (DSA) is to nurture the talents of different students and create the right opportunities for them.

Interest-free loans are provided via DSA to students who suffer from financial loss.

UIU has so far disbursed at least 30 lacs taka as loans to UIU students in times of emergency.

DSA takes care of such needs and supports donation where it is urgently needed. 


E. Student Clubs of UIU

UIU provides the right platform for students to learn better and grow through participating in various clubs and forums.

Clubs such as UIU Cultural Club, Photography Club, Sports Club, Business Club, Marketing Forum, Finance Forum, and HR Forum are worth mentioning here.

Students of UIU can benefit a lot through participation in productive activities and gaining practical knowledge via these clubs.

These clubs allow students to experiment with their creativity. 


Lab Facilities for Different Departments of UIU

  • CSE
  • EEE
  • Lab for Civil
  • CER Lab
  • Bioinformatic Research Laboratory
  • AIMS Lab
  • VLSI Lab

1. Innovative Learning Resources

UIU students have the opportunity to do research publications and prepare academic journals.  They can also pursue higher education overseas once they achieve outstanding scholarships.

Interested students have also previously worked as consultants in some of the renewable energy projects in Bangladesh.

Most of the faculty members are also engaged in multiple research endeavors. Some of these projects are funded by both local and foreign agencies and some are funded by UIU itself.

So far, more than 30 research-based projects have been carried out successfully by UIU. 

Besides, UIU workshops, clubs, and various training programs provide extensive resources to help students develop innovative skills.


2. Campus Sustainability

UIU focuses on developing the socio-economic side of the country to ensure long-term sustainability and growth. 

Considering that, UIU provides the right opportunity and platform for students to develop tech-oriented skills.

UIU believes that once the students become capable they can better compete on global platforms.


3. Campus Safety and Security

UIU contribute well to social welfare through participation in blood donation programs and humanitarian-based services.

They are highly concerned about enhancing the moral and ethical development of the students so they can be the pride of society.

Through creating awareness of safety precautions, social threats, and corruption, UIU tries to provide a safe environment for students. 



So far, UIU has been benefitting its students in all aspects, in terms of career counseling, academic proficiency, and skill development opportunities.

Their ultimate mission is to develop the students in their respective fields of study so they can better contribute to the society in future.

With all the advanced resources, campus facilities, and skill development opportunities, UIU is playing a major role to establish our country in every way.

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