Department of Media Studies and Journalism (MSJ) 


The Department of Media Studies and Journalism (MSJ) at United International University (UIU) offers a four-year undergraduate program covering the diverse fields of human communication, media studies and journalism. After completing BSS (Honours) in Media Studies and Journalism (MSJ) Program, the students will become suitable professionals by learning theoretical perspectives, practical know-hows, professional ethics and human values.

The human communication is an eclectic discipline which is always undergoing persistent transformation. The trend of revolution in the sector has been more visible for the technological innovations especially driven by the internet-based online communication. Such changes have created communication convergence demanding new knowledge, skills and professional competencies. Producing capable graduates for addressing the growing needs of media and communication industries in Bangladesh is critical in the present context. The academic programme has been designed in a manner which facilitates the media and communication sectors with the services of the proficient human resources. 

Vision of the Department: Contributing to the construction of a knowledge-based information society with higher sense of human values through establishing a center of excellence in the fields of media, communication and journalism of international standard concentrating on academic learnings, research and professional skills. 

Mission of the Department: The Department of Media Studies and Communication (MSC) under the School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS) will strive for creating a congenial and dynamic teaching, learning and working atmosphere for generating and disseminating knowledge in creative manner and thus serving the society being ethically driven to establish equal opportunities for all, promote freedom of expression and uphold high sense of human dignity.


Bachelor of Social Science (Honors) in Media Studies and Journalism (MSJ) 


The overall objective of the programme is to impart knowledge and develop skills required to prepare the graduates competent, empathetic, ethically driven and socially responsible professionals to contribute to the society for promoting humanity, peace and social justice through innovative knowledge, wisdom and professional skills in human communication media and journalism.

The specific objectives of the program include to:

  • expedite the graduates conceptualize, analyze and acquire extensive knowledge of human communication, media and journalism;
  • enable the students to become high-skilled and sensible media and communication professionals and responsible citizens of the country;
  • enhance student’s ability in critical thinking, decision making and problem-solving in media, communication and journalism;
  • cultivate managerial, entrepreneurial, and leadership skills in journalism and communication;
  • facilitate experiential learning, research, training and advocacy in the diverse fields of human communication;
  • develop a strong foundation in the areas of latest media and communication technologies especially in communication and media convergence driven by internet-based social media digital platforms;
  • contribute to the societies’ positive transformation through advocacy for media literacy, social changes, good governance  and sustainable developments;


Career Prospects

The students will be awarded the degree of the Bachelor of Social Science (BSS) in Media Studies and Journalism (MSJ). This program prepares the students for a wide variety of careers, including those in Journalism, Film-Video and TV production, Social and Digital Media productions, Public Relations and Corporate Communication, Advertising and CSR,  Development Communication, Behavior Change Communication (BCC), Human Resources, Social and Digital Media campaign and management, in different government and non-government organizations, international agencies, and multinational corporations in Bangladesh and abroad. The academic, research and practical skills that we offer to prepare the graduates for career leadership positions in Journalism, Communication, Public Relations, trade and industry, consultancy, public policy and politics, diplomacy, research and teaching. The Department offers a number of market-oriented and demand-driven professional courses. The key courses taught in the department offer ample opportunities of career development:


Name/Areas of the professional courses

Career windows/facilities


Television Reporting , Program Anchoring & TV Performance


TV reporter, news presenter, newsroom editor, TV broadcaster, producer, programmer, marketing & promotion officer

Online Journalism

Online journalists i.e. reporter, copy editor, page designer

Development Issues and Communication

Communication officer, liaison officer, advocacy officer, policy officer, strategic officer,  research officer, training officers, behaviour change officers, community mobilizers/facilitators  in national and  international NGOs, donor agencies, UN system agencies, research, training and advocacy organizations  


Public Relations & Corporate Communication

Public Relations Officer (PRO), media relations officer, outreach communication officer, customer care officer/relations officer of business houses/corporates, banks, insurance, export-import agencies, NGOs, Donors and Development organizations, Government offices like Ministries and various government offices/departments, Embassies, High commissions, foreign diplomat’s offices 

Digital and Social Media Communication

Digital media marketing, online entrepreneur, outsourcing , webcaster

Mass Communication

Media managers, officers, entrepreneurs, promotion officers

Reporting for Media; Specialized Reporting

Reporters of TV, Radio, Newspaper, News magazine, Online Portals etc.


Photojournalist, press photographer, independent professional photographers

Editing and Page Make-up

Sub-editor, copy editor, newsroom editor of Newspaper, News magazine, Online Portals, TV and Radio

Video /digital Production/animation

Video editor, animator, Videographer

Radio Journalism

Radio reporter, copy editor, broadcaster, RJ, programmer

Advertising & copywriting

Copywriter, Designer, Event Manager, Creative writer, Marketing/promotion officer, media manager

Communication research methodology

Media researcher, communication researcher, research associates of NGOs, Government organizations, research and consultancy firms etc.

Film Study

Film maker, documentary maker, short film producer which has a very wide market for freelance work with corporate and international organizations.

Editorial & Feature Writing

Feature writer, editorial; assistants, creative and analytical writer, freelance writers for different organization etc.


Requirements for BSS in Media Studies and Journalism (MSJ)

Admission Requirements

Every applicant without any exception must fulfill the admission requirements as laid down by UIU. A Higher Secondary Certificate or its equivalent in Science, Arts, Business Studies or other fields of study is the basic educational requirement. Candidates having at least GPA of 2.50 in SSC and HSC or in equivalent degrees are eligible to apply for admission to the Bachelor of Social Science (BSS) in Media Studies and Journalism Program. Candidates who have passed at least 5 papers in GCE “O” Level (with Mathematics as one of the subjects) and two papers of “A” Level may also apply provided that they have obtained 2.5 points (weighted average) in both O & A level computed according to the following scale: A=5, B=4, C=3, D=2 and E=1.GED results will, however, not be accepted. Application will, however, be evaluated on the basis of the both previous academic achievements and university Admission Test scores. Admission Test will consist of a written examination on language, mathematics, general knowledge and analytical skills, followed by an interview conducted by the university.


Credit Requirements

To achieve a BSS degree in MSJ, a student has to complete 141credits in total. There are four streams of courses in the proposed four-year BSS (Hons) in Media Studies and Journalism (MSJ) programme. The students need to complete all the required courses as per the syllabus. The summary of the course is given below:


Course Type

Number of Credits

A.    General Courses


B.    Core Courses

       1. Courses on Journalism 


       2. Courses on Media Studies


       3. Courses on Public Relations


       4. Courses on Communication


       5. Other Core Courses


C.   Core Optional Courses


D.   Project/Internship





Degree Requirements

Each student must fulfill the following requirements for the completion of the BSS (Hons) program

  • Completion of 141 credit hours
  • Successful completion either of “Research Project/ Research Monograph” or  “Internship/ Practicum”
  • Passing of all courses individually and maintaining a minimum CGPA of 2.00 out of 4.00.

Course Details of MSJ

Total Semesters: 8 (2 in a year)

Total duration of the BSS (Hons) program is 4 (four) years. Semester system will be followed in this programme. There will be 2 (Two) semesters in a year of which each semester will be of 6 (six) months duration. There will be 28 classes in each of the courses and duration of each class will be 90 minutes. There would have extensive field works for the students in every semester for enhancing up the learning processes.

The schedule for one academic year will be as follows:






January – June





Course Information


  1. General Courses (10 courses/30 credits)


Course Code

Course Title


ENG 1001

English I


IOC 1001

Computer Operation Skills


BDS 1001

Bangladesh Studies


ENG 1002

English II


GED 2001

Contemporary Affairs


GED 2002

Social and Political Institutions


GED 2003

Bangla Language and Literature


ERS 4001

Employment Readiness Skills


SSAP 1001

Soft Skills and Art of Presentation


GED 3004

History of the Emergence of Bangladesh



  1. Core Courses


  1. Core Courses on Journalism (15 courses/35 credits)


Course Code

Course Title


MSJ 1101

Fundamentals of Journalism


MSJ 1102

Information Gathering and News Writing


MSJ 1103

Introduction to Editing


MSJ 2104

News Reporting


MSJ 2105

Graphic Journalism (Theory)


MSJ 2106

Graphic Journalism (Lab)


MSJ 2107

Editing and Page Make-up (Theory)


MSJ 2108

Editing and Page Make-up (Lab)


MSJ 2109

Specialized Reporting


MSJ 3110

Radio Journalism


MSJ 3111

Online and Multimedia Journalism (Theory)


MSJ 3112

Online and Multimedia Journalism (Lab)


MSJ 3113

Photojournalism (Theory)


MSJ 3114

Photojournalism (Lab)


MSJ 4115

Editorial and Feature Writing



  1. Core Courses on Media Studies (07 courses/22 credits)


Course Code

Course Title


MSJ 1201

Digital Storytelling and Scriptwriting (Theory)


MSJ 1202

Digital Storytelling and Scriptwriting (Lab)


MSJ 2203

Digital Content Production-Lab


MSJ 2204

Video Production-Lab


MSJ 2205

Media Laws and Ethics


MSJ 3205

Motion Graphic and Video Composition (Lab)


MSJ 3206

Camera and Cinematography (Lab)


MSJ 4207

Media, Culture and Society



  1. Core Courses on Public Relations (4 courses/09 credits)

Course Code

Course Title


MSJ 3301

Advertising and Content Creation


MSJ 3302

Corporate Communication, CSR and Public Relations


MSJ 4303

Digital Marketing (Theory)


MSJ 4304

Digital Marketing (Lab)



  1. Courses on Communication (7 courses/18 credits)

Course Code

Course Title


MSJ 1401

Fundamentals of Human Communication


MSJ 1402

Interpersonal, Group and Organizational Communication


MSJ 1403

Social and Digital Media Communication (Theory)


MSJ 1404

Social and Digital Media Communication (Lab)


MSJ 2405

Mass Communication Process


MSJ 3406

Development Communication and Strategic Planning


MSJ 4407

Theories of Communication



  1. Other Core Courses (4 courses/12 credits)


Course Code

Course Title


MSJ 1501

Bangla for Media


MSJ 2502

English for Media


MSJ 3503

Communication Research Methodology


MSJ 3504

Statistics for Communication Research



  1. Core Optional Courses (4 courses/12 credits)


Course Code

Course Title


MSJ 2001/

MSJ 2002

Economic Perspective and Issues

or, Media Industry and Business Planning


MSJ 2003/

MSJ 2004

Gamification in Journalism

or Animated Journalism


MSJ 3005/

MSJ 3006

Film Theory and Language

or Cinema and Cultural Industry


MSJ 4007/

MSJ 4008

Television Journalism and News Presentation

or, News Casting and Program Anchoring



  1. Internship/Project


Project/Internship                                         01 Course/03 Credits

MSJ 4009

Internship/Project: Report Submission and Viva Voce




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