libraryThe primary mission of UIU Library is to support and enhance the University’s learning-centered educational, research, and public service activities by providing access to information and scholarly resources. The UIU Library offers regular services such as circulation, reference, counseling, indexing, bibliographical documentation, back up services, retrospective searches etc. There are fully Internet connected computers ready for use in the library .The library subscribes to a variety of periodicals and publications of academic, cultural and ethical significance. These periodicals and publications come in both digital and print variety. UIU library is a member of Bangladesh-INASP-PERI Consortium (BIPC) formed by Bangladesh Academy of Science to obtain ready access to more than 5500 on-line journals and periodicals. At the UIU Library, one finds not only a variety of print and non-print forms, such as books, CDs, journals, and magazines, but also a modern customized database. Users may find research materials, slides and A/V Cassettes, search a number of CD-ROM database. The library has a seating capacity of 300 students, shelf space of over 15,000 volumes and has a separate reference and journal section.

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Laboratory Resources

laboraUIU’s CSE and EEE departments are equipped with the state-of-the art laboratory resources. Laboratory resources are developed for teaching and research purposes as well. Several computer labs, including Software and Network Lab, Programming Lab, Application Lab, Cisco Lab, Simulation Lab, Browsing Lab have been installed. Teaching through hand-on lab experiments enhances the students’ learning process and thus it is an essential requirement for EEE department. UIU has built a number of Electrical and Electronics Lab, including Digital and Microprocessor Lab, Electronics and Power system Protection Lab, Electrical Circuit and Microwave Lab, Control, Measurement and Instrumentation Lab, Energy Conversion and Power system Lab, DSP and Communications Lab, etc.

Career Counseling Center (CCC)

ccc-uiuUIU operates a strong Career Counseling Center (CCC) for the Career Development of its students. The mission of CCC is to establish links between prospective employers and UIU students and also to develop required skills among the students according to ever changing market demand. And within a very short period of time, it has become a prime service provider to UIU students and graduates in their respective fields. CCC is currently entrusted with a number of functions, including internship placement, job search and job placement, arranging workshops, seminars & training programs, company visit, on-campus interviewing, alumni association, etc. Internship Placement: Internships are arranged with top organizations and financial institutions for the students to get an exposure to professional life in their respective field of study.

Job Placement and Job search

Career Counseling Center assists students search and find suitable part time jobs. Arranges full time placements either immediately after graduation or over a period of time. Besides the placement function Career Counseling Center is also involved in arranging workshops and seminars to practice on resume writing, interview techniques, job search skills and presentation techniques.

ALUMNI Association

It is the expectation of the authority of UIU that one day the graduates and the former students will be creating opportunities for the current students. Career Counseling Centre has started to work on creating a database of the ex-students, where they are placed etc. Industrial tour and corporate office visit: Career Counseling Center very often sends students to visit different corporate houses and industrial establishments.

Center for Development of IT Professionals (CDIP)

Department of CSE, UIU is keen to ensure the success of each individual student. With this view CSE, UIU has introduced a center named Center for Development of IT Professionals (CDIP). The major objective of CDIP is to develop every student of CSE department to fit in the ICT industry. This center is very keen to serve and care every student in person to ensure everyone’s skill enhancement not only in technical field but also in overall skill enhancement. The resource pool will be selected from IT industry, HR expert, Communication experts, faculties from IT departments etc. This center wants to ensure the quality of each individual at minimum expectation level. This is one of the unique features of the department of CSE, UIU.

Center for Information Technology Services (CITS)

The primary objective of CITS is to identify, design, plan, develop, implement and maintain various information systems in the university campus which will in turn position UIU as a model for a world class university. With the vision to achieve specialization, CITS builds team of students and professionals and provide them with necessary training and resource support.

Directorate of Student Affairs

dsa-uiuOne of the major services of Directorate of Student Affairs (DSA) office for creating the opportunities of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities for the students is to nurture a several number of clubs to explore and support the talents of the students. DSA also arranges interest free loan for the students in the emergency and urgent need of them. Scince last one year, UIU DSA office has disbursed at least 30 lacs taka as interest free loan among the UIU students. In addition to that, UIU and United Group provide donation or financial support from “UIU Welfare Fund” to the students who suffer from the sudden crisis happening during the study life at UIU. UIU has a well-equipped gymnasium having proper facilities and instructor.

Student Clubs of UIU

Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are always being promoted at UIU. The Directorate of Student Affairs plays the vital role in the development and growth of students in these students’ activities, which are mainly organized through a number of student clubs. The club activities are coordinated by the Students Directorate, headed by the Director of Student Affairs, and assisted by the coordinator of Student Affairs. The Directorate provides all sorts of support services to the student clubs. The clubs are engaged in continuous innovation and intellectual creativity. UIU clubs organize indoor and outdoor games, debates, seminars, workshops, cultural programs, study tours and also participate in different inter-university tournaments. UIU students also participate in voluntary blood donation program, community and humanitarian services’ program. Some of the clubs publish newsletters, magazines etc. At present, ten (10) student clubs are operating at UIU.

UIU Debate Club

UIU Cultural Club

UIU Sports Club (UIUSC)

UIU Computer Club (UIUCCL)

UIU Electrical and Electronics Club (UIUEEC)

UIU Business Club (UIUBC)

UIU Photography Club (UIUPC)

UIU Social Services Club (UIUSC)

UIU Theater and Film Club (UIUTFC)

UIU Model United Nation Club (UIUMUN)

In every trimester, UIU arranges different events through each club which are participated by the students as well as faculties. Apart from the internal events, the clubs of UIU are arranging many programs at the national and international levels. UIU debate club arranged 15th ALL-ASIANS Inter-varsity Debate Championship 2008. Each year UIU Cultural Club arranges programs as part of observing Victory Day, Independence Day, International Mother Language Day, Pahela Baishakh etc by performing different events. UIU Sports club arranged “7th UIU-UPGD Inter Private University Table Tennis Championship”. UIU Computer Club successfully arranged the 8th International Conference on Software, Knowledge, Intelligent Management (SKIMA 2014). UIU Social Services Club is regularly involved in Monga victim aids, volunteering for flood victims, blood donations and other different humanitarian activities to help distressed humanity.

Recreational Facilities

UIU provides round-the-year indoor and outdoor recreational facilities. UIU indoor sports center is located in every campus. There are separate common rooms available for male and female students in every campus. The male common room is equipped with Table Tennis and other facilities. A separate female common room is also available equipped with indoor game facilities and light equipments for physical exercise. UIU Gymnasium is well equipped and it is run by a Physical Education Officer (Professional Instructor) to train the Gym enthusiasts. A students’ lounge cum cafeteria is located in every campus where food and beverages are provided at reasonable prices. A spacious prayer room for all is located in a suitable place in every campus.

Observance of National Days

16-dec-2012 15-August-2015_10X4

UIU observes different National Days with due care and solemnity. The university arranges discussions, meetings, different competitions, blood donation program, cultural events and fun events and other colorful programs where students participate. The guests, parents, guardians, faculties and staff also attend these programs.

Disciplines and Code of Conducts

Taking into consideration the campus violence and harassment of the female students in the educational institutions, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh has recently sent directives to all educational institutions concerning the code of conduct of the students. It is the duty of every student to help the authorities in maintaining a congenial and harassment-free environment in the campus. Such an endeavor requires avoidance of indecent dress-up and behavior on the part of the both male and female students. UIU makes sure that all the students dress and behave in proper manner which is consistent with Bangladeshi culture and religion. UIU authority has formed a proctorial committee to monitor the activities of the students to which any violation in the rules of the University will be reported and dealt with. Students may directly contact any member of the proctorial committee in case of necessity.

Born with the mission “Quest for Excellence”, UIU has marched a long way forward in this short span of time and singled out itself as one of the emerging quality private universities in Bangladesh. This hard earned recognition is the result of concerted efforts made by the students, teachers and management of UIU coupled with an unprecedented patronage from the United Group. Our mission demands of us not just to remain as another participant in the sea of private initiatives for higher education in Bangladesh but also to be a major player in the development and dissemination of knowledge, research and technology in Bangladesh. With this affirmed goal, United International University will pursue a never ending quest for excellence to see itself as the center of excellence in teaching and research in the South Asian region.

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