Publish Date : 14th May, 2020

Instructions for Section and Time Selection in UCAM


How to Log in?

  1. Please visit and type your Student ID and password.
  2. If you forget your password or never logged in before, click ‘forget password’ link and put your Student ID there. A link to reset your password will be sent to your official email address. You can reset your password from that link.


How to do Final-advising?

  1. After Login, Go to Registration > Section Selection & Registration New.
  2. Click “Take” button under “Section” column to select a section for the respective course.
  3. To remove the selected section click on the “Remove” button under “Section Remove”
  4. To change a selected section click “Change” button under “Section” and then select a section for the respective course.

Inactive/Block/Bill related issues, students are advised to contact the following during 8.30 AM – 4.30 PM

Name Cell Email
Ms. Sanzida Akhter +8801680299495
Mr. Ehsan Jahed Joy +8801712781398
Mr. Abdullah Arefin +8801689141401


Students having difficulties in course/section selection, are advised to contact the following personnel during 8.30 AM – 4.30 PM

Program name Name Email Cell


Mr. Md Abul Basher +8801712947365
Ms. Farhana Alam +8801536261262
Mr. Abdul Kader +8801914353834
BSECO Mr. Shihab Mostafa +8801675835376


Mr. Mir Mohammad Monir +8801712056702
Mr. Sankar Debnath +8801777888137


Mr. Liton Kumar Saha +8801717572213
Ms. Mahabuba Akhtar +8801930034705
MBA/EMBA Mr. Jahangir Alam +8801922038882
MIHRM Mr. Md. Alim Al Razi +8801913344038
MSCSE Ms. Ayesha Akter +8801729584759


For any kind of technical issue, please contact

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