Publish Date : 30th January, 2018

Payment of Transportation Fee & Backlog Dues before Registration of Courses for Spring 2018 Trimester


It has already been notified that the classes of Spring 2018 Trimester will start from February 17, 2018 (Saturday) at UIU Permanent Campus and transportation service for the UIU students will be launched from the starting day of classes. In this connection, all UIU students are hereby notified that they have to make payment of the Transportation Fee along with the Advance Registration Fee of Tk. 15,000/- before their Registration of Courses for Spring 2018 Trimester. Besides, students have also to clear their backlog dues (if any) before the Registration of Courses for Spring 2018 Trimester.


Please be informed that Transport ID Card can be collected from Admission Office during February 4, 2018 to February 13, 2018 and it would be required to submit 1 (one) copy of stamp-sized photograph during collection of Transport ID Card. Please note that without Transport ID Card, students cannot be able to avail the Transportation Service.              



Prof. A.S.M. Salahuddin


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