Publish Date : 4th September, 2016


All UIU Students 

 Informing UIU Authorities for not Attending Classes/ Continuation of Study


As per a Govt. directive we have to identify irregular students on a regular basis and submit report to the Special Branch of Dhaka Metropolitan Police. In that case if you plan to discontinue the following trimester(s) please submit an application explaining the reason of your discontinuation.  Your guardian has to put signature on that application indicating his/her consent.

We have also been asked to report to the Special Branch of DMP the names of students remaining absent for more than two consecutive weeks. If you miss two consecutive weeks for any reason please submit a letter to your course instructor(s) mentioning why you had missed the classes with your Guardian’s signature.   A copy of the same should also be submitted to the Office of the Exam Controller.

However, if you decide not to continue your study at UIU anymore please cancel your admission officially.  In that case you are requested to contact Office of the Exam Controller to complete the formalities.



Nargis Jahan

Controller of Examinations

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