Publish Date : 13th April, 2015


EEE, ETE Students
Pre-Registration for Summer 2015


This is for the information of all the students of EEE& ETE that pre-registration of the Summer 2015 trimester will be held from April 25 to April 30, 2015.
Students have to complete their pre-registration by using any computer from UIU Computer Lab or use WiFi connectivity to perform the pre-registration. Students will be able to complete pre-registration online from anywhere.

The students are asked to login into the following website and complete their pre-registration. Please note that the names of the assigned teachers for different courses will be disclosed and seats will be filled up by first-come-first-served basis.


Pre-registration website:


If a student cannot come for Pre-registration for unavoidable reasons, e-g., sickness, he/she must authorize one of his/her friends. Please contact the department in time if you think it is necessary.

Warning: The students who fail to pre-register their courses will have their IDs blocked and they will not be able to register their courses for Summer 2015

 Note: Please check the notice board for instruction of pre-registration


Prof. Dr. Raqibul Mostafa,
Head, Department of EEE

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