Publish Date : 15th May, 2020



This is to inform all students of School of Business and Economics (SoBE) enrolled in BBA, BBA in AIS and BSECO Programs that due to unavoidable circumstances in this Spring 2020 trimester no Final Examinations will be held.

Instead of the Final Examination, as per UGC guidelines, the following steps will be followed:

  1. Depending on the nature of the course, Assignments/Case Study of 20 marks covering the chapters/areas taught after the Mid-Term Exam will be given on a gradual manner using eLMS. Students will upload the Assignments one-after-one on the eLMS within the dates given by the faculty member. The faculty member will provide detail guidelines about process.
  1. The faculty member will take a Presentation for 10 marks on any of the topic given in the Assignments/Case Study. The faculty member will also have a Discussion (Viva Voce Test) of 10 marks on the topics given in the Assignments/Case Study for validation purpose.
  1. Assignments/Case Study for the courses that do not involve special symbols or graphs will be done using computer or laptop. Assignments/Case Study for the courses that involve special symbols or graphs will be done through handwriting. Students will submit it through scanning or taking pictures.
  1. The marks of the Assignments/Case Study, Presentation and the Discussion Session will replace the Final Examination marks (40%).


The rest of the assessment of the course (60%) will be calculated in the existing manner. Since the Class Tests cannot be taken after the Mid-Term Exam, Class Assignments given during regular online classes will serve as Class Tests.


Prof. A.S.M. Salahuddin

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