Publish Date : 16th March, 2016

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United International University Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. M. Rezwan Khan has been selected as Distinguished Lecturer of IEEE for his outstanding research work on DC Power system for the year of 2017-2018. IEEE is the World Largest Professional association for the Electrical and Electronic Engineers.

A total of 12 Professors around the world have earned this honour, of them 3 from USA, 2 from UK, 3 from Canada, 1 from Denmark, 1 from Argentina, 1 from Korea and 1 from Bangladesh. From Bangladesh, Prof. Dr. M. Rezwan Khan has achieved this prestigious honor of IEEE Distinguished Lecturer.

In mid nineteenth century when the power system started taking shape, there was a technical debate on the nature of power system regarding advantages of AC or DC voltage in the transmission system. AC was adopted as a more cost effective and efficient system as transformation of voltage from low to high values and vice versa was easy using transformers. Over a period of last 50 years, power electronics has gone through a rapid development and many of the household gadgets like TV, computer, LED light etc. and industrial motor drives now use electronic controllers. Electronically controlled high frequency inverters have attained high power and high voltage capabilities threatening the century old AC system as redundant. Prof. Khan had been working on the DC power systems for quite some time and his research work has earned him the honor of IEEE Distinguished lecturer for 2017-2018.


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