Publish Date : 25th June, 2019

A Certificate Training Course on Global Vendor Management & Communication

(Specially designed for Final year & postgraduate students from all disciplines

Guaranteed Full-Time Job Placement at KITC for Top Performers)

Jointly Conducted by the best minds at KITC & UIU


Course Description

A specially designed module focusing on clear and effective communication skills which is a significant prerequisite for career advancement. Modern organizations place a high premium on effective communication.

This course aims to provide students with a working knowledge of effective communication with an overview of sales and global client/vendor management. It will take students through case studies and practical experience through a mix of live exercises and instructional sessions for the first 5 weeks. Picking up key concepts and take-away from internationally bestselling business books, this course will enhance the students understanding of global context and best practices. It will help students and professional develop skills that are needed to succeed in MNCs. Students will also be exposed to hands-on work experience with a week externship at KITC (allocating an additional week for exams) for a total duration of 7 weeks.


Course Objectives

  • Understanding the importance of realistic business communication process
  • Learning the difference between formal and informal writing techniques
  • Understanding the importance of customer-driven services
  • Understanding sales driven behavior
  • Introducing concepts of global client/vendor management techniques
  • Understanding and implementing strategic techniques of managing global vendors remotely
  • Equipping students with skills that are prerequisites for a guaranteed position at Kazi IT Center Ltd.


Students Leaning Outcomes

  • Different methods of communication for organizations
  • Effective verbal and written communication
  • Versatility in communication style and understanding of the various work relationships
  • Ability to remotely manage global operations and vendors
  • Understand the global best practices on leadership, customer services, and sales


Registration Details:

  • Class Start: Friday,  July 05, 2019
  • Registration Deadline: Friday,  July 01, 2019
  • Course Fee: 5000 BDT for each participant 30% Discounted rate of TK 3500 only for UIU students and alumni



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