Publish Date : 1st September, 2016

Certificate Course On Graphic Design with Outsourcing Opportunities

Graphics design training course in dhaka


Graphics Design is a short course offered by CDIP. This course also contains the remarkable features for instance photoshop, Adobe illustrator, After Effects & Freelancing.  The major purpose of this course to provide a clear knowledge about Graphics Design & Freelancing that will enrich student’s professional skill.

Topics: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, After Effects, UI Design, Freelancing

Class Start: October 01, 2016
Seats available: 25 only
Admission Deadline: September 29, 2016
Duration: 12 weeks (66 Hours)
Class Time: Thursday & Saturday 3:00 pm -6:00 pm, United International University
Fee: 10,000/- Tk.
20% Fee Off for UIU Students – 8,000/- TK.

Seat Booking (Only upon payment seats will be confirmed):

For Admission:
Mr. Mir Mohammad Monir
Asst. Registrar – CSE Dept.

Istiak Ratul
Phone: 01735625213
Room# 4410 (South Building)

For Query:
Mr. Suman Ahmmed
Director, CDIP, Asst. Prof. CSE, UIU
Room# 108 (Campus-1)

S.M Jabid Hasan
Webmaster, UIU
Phone: 01936002248
Room# 4407 (South Building)

What will your learn from this course?

1. Print Design – (Flyer, Poster, Brochure, Business Card, Calendar Design etc )
2. Brand Identity – (Logo Design)
3. User Interface (UI) Design – (Website and Mobile App)
4. Basic animation using Photoshop and After Effects
5. Freelancing and Support


Class Topic Lesson Description
1 Introduction to the course & Photoshop Overview – Introduction & Welcome to The Course– Get Up and Running with Adobe Creative Cloud

– An Overview of Photoshop and the workspace

– Set up Photoshop for best performance

– Getting around Photoshop

– Understanding Raster Graphics

– Graphic File Formats

2 Getting Comfortable in The Photoshop Environment – Getting to know the tools – Layers, Folders and the Layers Panel– Move Tool and Moving Layers

– Selection Tools

– Crop, Eyedropper and Ruler Tool

– Brush and Color Replacement tool

– Eraser Tool

– Gradient and Paint Bucket Tool

– Dodge, Burn, Sponge and Pen Tool

– Type Tool

– Direct Selection Tool

– Shapes

– Undo and the History Panel

– Vectors Vs Pixels and Smart Objects

– Blending Modes

– Layer Styles

3 Retouching Color Correcting Photographs – Removing Red Eye from Photos– Removing Blemishes with The Clone Stamp Tool

– Additional Touchup Tools Spot Healing, Healing Brush Patch Tool

– Using Photoshop’s Toning Focus Tools

– Using Photoshop’s Auto-Correct Commands

– Using Brightness Contrast

– Additional Color Correction Commands

– Non-Destructive Correcting with Adjustment Layers

– Working with The Filter Gallery

4 Making a Poster – Poster Introduction and File Setup– Gathering Assets

– Making Selections

– Refining Selections

– Working with Text

– Refining The Layout

– Creating Additional Looks to Give Your Client Options

– Exporting Your Artwork

5 Photoshop Continued – Creating a Composite Image – Introduction to Photoshop Compositing– Getting Assets for Your First Composite Image

– Compositing Continued & Color Levels

– Refining Selections

– Pushing Your Design Further

– Exporting Your Image

6 Create a Custom Brochure – Introduction– File Setup

– Outside Layout

– Inside Layout

– Exporting Final Files

-Part 1 – Generic Export

-Part 2 – Adding Printer Marks and Fold Guides in InDesign

-Part 3 – Add Printer Marks and Fold Guides in Illustrator

7 Getting Comfortable in The Illustrator Environment – Typography Poster – Introduction– Working with Text – Type Tools, Adobe Type-kit, And Creating Outlines

– Working with Shapes, Color & Graphics

– Artboards and Creating Additional Designs

– Exporting Your Files

8 Logo Design – Create a Custom Logo for Your Business or a Client – Introduction– Research and Gathering Ideas

– Bring in Your Text and Picking Fonts

– Basic Tool Overview

– Creating Your First Looks

– Refining Ideas

– Designing Your Presentation for Your Clients

– Exporting and Sending Comps to Clients

– Finalize Your Logo

-Part 1 – Refining Color and Creating A ‘details’ Page

-Part 2 – Artboard Setup for Quick Export and File Management

-Part 3 – Batch Export Files and Professional Client Delivery

9 Create a Magazine Ad – Introduction– Setting Up the File

– Gathering Assets and How to Scrape Photos

– Getting Things in Place

– Bullet Lists and Font Awesome Icons

– Further Refinement, Adding Photos, And Masking with Shapes

– Export The Final Ad for Press & Reviewing Design Decisions

– How to Package Editable Photoshop Files to Share with Someone Else

10 Create Custom Business Cards – Project Introduction & File Setup– Business Card Design

– Exporting Final Files and Custom Finishes

11 Getting Familiar with InDesign – Create aneBook – Introduction and File Setup– Placing Assets and Basic Layout

– Finalize The Design, Exporting, And Packaging Final Files

12 Getting Online with Adobe Portfolio and Behance – Introduction to And– Features Overview of And

– Export from Adobe Cc Directly to And

– Create A Custom Cover and Full-width Portfolio Image for Behance

13 UI/UX and Mobile App Design – Introduction Course Overview– Fundamentals of UI

– Fundamentals of UX

– Planning and Research

14 – Mobile App Design– Mobile Design Prototyping
15 Web Design – Introduction– Photoshop for Web Design

-960 Grid System

-Understanding the Alignment Tools

-Creating a Main Menu

-Creating A Search Box

-Highlighting the Logo

-Create a Call to Action Button with a Reflection and Shadow

-Paper Sheet Effect

-Create a Slider with a Shadow

-Adjust a Stock Photo Quickly to fit your Slider

-Adjust Your Canvas Size

16 – Website Design
17 Adobe After Effects – Beginner’s Guide – Introduction– Getting Started
18 – Essential tools practices– Shape Layers
19 – Animation– Effects Presets

– Other most used techniques

20 – Create a Title Animation– Create a Typographic Animation
21 Freelancing -How to become a good freelancer

-Opportunities in freelancing

-Analyzing the different freelance marketplace.

-Creating Profiles on different freelancing website

–Detailed session for different tip & tricks to get a job.


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