Memorandum of Understanding


The University of Texas at Brownsville (UTB), USA

United International University (UIU), Dhaka, Bangladesh
Regarding the Double Degree Program in the Field of Electrical Engineering


The Double Degree Program is a special arrangement designed for students of United International University (UIU) to obtain a degree from the University of Texas at Brownsville (UTB) and/or from UIU after fulfilling terms and conditions of both institutions. Both UTB and UIU have similar degree programs in the Field of Electrical Engineering with 10-15% variation in the course requirements. In the double degree program in this field, students will have to fulfill the degree requirements of both universities by taking a minimum of 30 semester credit hours (SCH) in the concentration from UTB. Upon separately completing the degree requirements of both UTB and UIU, students will be awarded a degree from UTB and a degree from UIU. Students must fulfill the following terms and conditions.

  1. Meet admission requirements for both UIU and UTB
  2. Pay the requisite tuition fees for the program
  3. Complete all course requirements set by UTB
  4. Complete all course requirements set by UIU

The partner universities will agree on the following:

  1. UTB and UIU will agree on the transfer of credits for equivalent courses.
  2. Remaining courses, which do not have any corresponding equivalence, will be offered by the respective universities at the UIU premise under agreed terms and conditions.
  3. In the Double Degree Program, students will get a UIU degree from UIU and UTB degree from UTB. The individual universities will be responsible for determining whether students have fulfilled all the course requirements to obtain the degree. If students in this double degree program fulfill all the requirements for a UTB degree but do not fulfill the UIU degree requirements, they can get the UTB degree but cannot apply for UIU degree until the UIU requirements are fulfilled and vice versa.
  4. UTB and UIU will agree on the course teacher to be appointed for a particular course. Once mutually agreed, UTB or UIU can appoint teachers either from UIU or UTB. Remuneration of teachers will be negotiated in compliance with rules at both institutions.
  5. Students in the double degree program will have two ID numbers, independently generated by UIU and UTB.
  6. Students enrolled in the Double Degree Program will have access to all line facilities available to students on the UTB main campus in Brownsville, Texas. This will include full access to library holdings. They can also access lecture notes of the UTB teachers involved in this degree if and when such material is available on line. Arrangements can be made to email lectures to students.
  7. If Double Degree Program students, after completing certain number of courses at UIU, decide to attend school at the UTB main campus, they will be able to make a seamless transition to the UTB Program and will not have to go through any additional formalities as far as academic admission procedures are concerned because admission into UTB will have been already determined prior to the students’ participation in the double degree program. Such students, however, must provide all necessary documents required by Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS) of the United States of America, such as acceptable TOFEL score and financial support documents etc. prior to the issuance of an 1-20 from UTB


Signed/-Dr. Jose Martin
University of Texas at Brownsville
Signed/-Professor Dr. M. Rezwan Khan
Vice Chancellor
United International University
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Signed/-Dr. Charlse Dameron
Vice President for Academic Affairs
University of Texas at Brownsville
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