The Universite Lumiere Lyon 2 – 86 RUE Pasteur 69635 LYON Cedex 07 France – represented by its President Andre TIRAN

United International UniversityHouse # 80, Road 8A, Sat Masjid Road, Dhanmondi, Dhaka 1209, Bangladesh
Represented by Prof. Dr. M. Rezwan Khan, Vice Chancellor

The following has been agreed:

Article 1:

The signatory parties to this agreement decide to institutionalise and organise cooperation in all the fields of teaching and research that are considered to be held in common.

Article 2:

This cooperation may notably concern:

  • Exchanges for teachers and researchers
  • Exchanges for students
  • Pedagogical or research programmes
  • All actions considered to be held in common by both parties.

Article 3:

The implementation of the agreement will lead to the drawing up of an annual work programme which will determine in particular:
The discipline concerned; the nature and time schedule for the action; the number of people involved in the exchange and its nature; the duration of the exchanges.

Article 4:

As regards the exchange of teachers and researchers, the following principles have been agreed;

  • Responsibility for payment of travel expenses taken by the original university.
  • Responsibility for the payment of accommodation expenses taken by the host university on the basis of internal regulatory criteria.

Article 5:

As regards student exchanges, the exact conditions of the exchange:

Numbers, level validation of courses taken at the host university, enrolment conditions and so on, are to be the subject of a codicil attached to the present agreement.

Article 6:

Both parties are responsible for guaranteeing that all participants in the exchange programmes have fulfilled all the legal requirements for the host country in terms of visas, social security, third party insurance and so on.

Article 7:

The implementation of the agreement is subject to both parties obtaining the financial means necessary.

Article 8:

The present agreement is signed for a period of five years from the date of the last signature. It may be modified by common consent and terminated by either party with six months’ notice, in which case the programmes in progress will be continued until their agreed end date.

Article 9:

This agreement has been established in 4 originals:
Two in French and two in English, each being authentic.



For The Universite Lumiere Lyon 2
The President, Andre TIRAN


Professor Dr. M. Rezwan Khan
Vice Chancellor
United International University
Dhaka, Bangladesh

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