(Dhaka, Bangladesh)

(Bradford, UK)


This Memorandum of Understanding (henceforth MoU) is drawn up to provide a basis on which the United International University (henceforth UIU) and the University of Bradford, UK (henceforth UoB) may establish formal relationship specifically designed to promote the internationalization of higher education in Bangladesh and cultural co-operation between Bangladesh and the UK. The MoU seeks to develop and strengthen the bonds between the two academic communities and in the process also contribute to generate understanding, cooperation and communication between the two cultures.
This MoU is Intended to provide a basis on which formal agreements may be drawn up between the two parties to regulate the academic, financial, administrative, practical and other arrangements for the disciplines of mutual interests in the following proposed areas:

  • Faculty Development and Exchange.
  • Curriculum Development.
  • Doctoral Programs Including Split PhD’s.
  • Capacity Building and Training Programs.
  • Joint Research Programs.
  • Articulation Agreements.

The cooperation in any specific area will be subject to availability of funds and mutual agreement by the Universities. The intention is that a formal agreement will be drawn up and signed by both UIU and UoB after deliberation and approval by the appropriate and competent authorities of both parties.
This MoU has been drawn up and will be implemented in good faith. It expresses the hope and intension of the undersigning institutions to develop cooperation, based on mutual respect and understanding. The MoU will be effective for an initial period of five years from the date of signatures. Thereafter it may be extended by mutual agreement. The agreement may be terminated by either University giving at least six month’s written notice to the other.


Professor Mark Cleary
Vice-Chancellor and Principal
University of Bradford
Bradford, UK


Professor Dr. M. Rezwan Khan
Vice Chancellor
United International University
Dhaka, Bangladesh

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