Partnership Statement


Partnership Title: LEADERS: Leading Mobility between Europe and Asia in Developing Engineering Education and Research

Coordinating Institution: City University London, UK

Joint-Coordinating Institution: United International University, BD

A partnership is a relationship of substance between two or more organisations. This involves shared responsibilities in undertaking the action funded by the Education, Audiovisual and Cultural Executive Agency (herein after referred to as ‘the Agency’) and also to ensure that the action runs smoothly. Moreover, the Agency requires all partners to acknowledge this by agreeing to principles of good partnership practices set out below.

  1. All partners must have read the application form and understood what their role in the action will be before the application is submitted to the Agency.
  2. All partners must have read the grant agreement model and understood what their respective obligations under this agreement will be should the grant be awarded. They authorise the lead applicant to sign the agreement with the Agency on their behalf and represent them in all dealings with the Agency in the context of the action’s implementation.
  3. The applicant must consult with all the partners on a regular basis and keep them fully informed of the project’s progress.
  4. It is obligatory for the coordinating institution to send copies of all the reports (both narrative and financial) submitted to the Agency to all the partners involved with this project’s implementation.
  5. All substantial changes to this action (e.g. activities, partners, etc.) should be agreed by all the partners before being proposed to the Agency. Where no such agreement is reached, the applicant is obliged to indicate this when proposing these changes to the Agency.

Given the objectives of the action, I agree

  • To recognize all study periods undertaken by students from my university at other partner universities under this action.
  • To apply a fee waiver policy for all incoming students from partner institutions with a study period shorter than 10 months.
  • To recognise for the purpose of studying, previous studies carried out by third country nationals under target groups II and III (Target group III applies to EM Action – 2 Strand 1 only);

I declare by my honour that:

  • I grant power of attorney to the Applicant/Coordinating Institution to sign and present the project proposal in my name and for my account.
  • Neither me nor the HEI I present fall in any of the categories (a) to (f) listed in section 3.2 of the Programme Guide.
  • I will not favour my actions that could lead to brain-drain for the third countries and will do everything in their power to ensure that mobility activities continue to contribute for capacity-building in third countries, to further relations and continue to improve the understanding of the different cultures involved.

I have read and approved the contents of the proposal submitted to the Agency. I undertake to comply with the principles of good partnership practice.


Signed/-Professor Dr. M. Rezwan Khan
Vice Chancellor
United International University
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Signed/-Professor Dinos Arcoumanis
Deputy Vice-Chancellor
(Research and International)
City University London
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