Date: 18th March, 2019 - 20th March, 2019

Venue : Computer Lab 6 and Computer Lab 4

Now days LaTex has become very popular application for documentation. Specially on writing research papers, resume, & on many professional & academic aspects. The important list goes on. LaTex has been chooses by many respected researchers, academics, MNCs as a documentation tool these days,

There are lots of benefits on learning LaTex

LaTex has a prominent role in the preparation and publication of books and articles that contain complex multilingual materials, such as Tamil, Sanskrit and Greek.

LaTex is a strongly typed language engineered for technical documentation.

Easy generation of all kind of indices, bibliography, cross references, etc.

Various packages help in creating a sharp and nicely written articles, reports, etc.

A TeX distribution such as TeX Live or MikTeX is used to produce an output le (such as PDF or DVI) suitable for printing or digital distribution

It also include numbering and cross-referencing of tables and
Figures, chapter and section headings, the inclusion of graphics,
Page layout, indexing, handle equations and bibliographies.

**** Class Plan ****

1. Installation
2. How to write documents: Description LaTex vs word
3. Adding different shapes, image
4. Creating table
5. Adding items
6. Customization & design with colorful items
7. Addition of section, subsection, subsubsection and paragraph 8.Adding citations of chapter to chapter
9. Adding bibliography
10 How to design a poster
11. How to prepare a presentation
12. How to write a paper: (Basic structure of a research paper will be shown)

The workshop will be facilitated by Dr. Swakkhar Shatabda.
The workshop is for everyone. But the seats are limited to 35 Only so first come first serve will apply.
Reg Fees: UIU CCL member :100tk
Non-Member :150tk
Date: 18th and 20th March 2019
Time: 02:00 PM- 04:30 PM
Venue: Computer Lab 6 and Computer Lab 4
Reg: A reg booth will be available at campus ground floor on 12th and 13th March

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