Date: 25th August, 2015 10:00 AM - 26th August, 2015 06:00 PM

Venue : Ground Floor (Campus 1), Room 2110 (Campus 2)

Voluntary Blood Donation Campaign 2015


To             : All the Students of UIU

Subject    : Voluntary Blood Donation Campaign 2015

Date         : August 24, 2015

Dear All,

UIU Social Services Club, with support from Directorate of Student Affairs, will be arranging a voluntary blood donation campaign for all students, faculty and staff of UIU. The campaign will be conducted by Sandhani Foundation with Crise Cardiac Grill as food partner. Blood donors will be provided with food and drinks sponsored by Crise Cardiac Grill Clinic Cafe. In addition, they will be provided with reports on five tests – hepatitis a, hepatitis b, syphilis, hiv/aids, and malaria. There will also be a booth for free blood grouping. Details of the Program given below:


The event scheduled is as follows:

Organizer: UIU Social Services Club

Date          : 25th and 26th August, 2015

Time         : 10:00am – 6:00pm

Venue      : Ground Floor (Campus 1) – 25th August

Teacher’s Common Room, Room 2110 (Campus 2) – 26th August.


Directorate of Student Affairs
UIU Social Services Club
United International University

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