Date: 11th November, 2019

Venue : Smart Room # 126


Recruitment Session Conducted by Ethics Advanced Technology Limited (EATL)

Ethics Advanced Technology Limited (EATL) is coming to UIU on Monday, 11 November 2019 to conduct a recruitment session ’. The session will take place at 1.30 PM in Smart Room # 126 (1st Floor).

Keynote Speaker:

Ms. Sharmin Mahjabin

Director, Marketing

Ethics Advanced Technology Limited


Position Name:

  • Part time —- Mentor of Question Bank Team
  • Part time—- Regional team for own district village school activation team
  • Part time— Social media & study help center executive
  • Intern (3 months commercial and technology)
  • Full time sales relationship officer



  • About the company EATL
  • About the Job Vacancy
  • Q & A session about anything
  • CV Collection


Club Partner: UIU HR Forum


You are cordially invited to join the recruitment session.


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