Date: 12th April, 2019 - 26th April, 2019

Venue :

A Path To The World Of Android App Development


Hello android freaks of UIU, time to get into the world of android app development. Are you passionate about developing android apps? Do you want to have your own app on playstore? Say no more. UIU CCL brings you the most awaited workshop of all time. A Path to the World of Android App Development.

This workshop will cover with the following topics’

Day 1 :
Intro to Android & Setup Development environment
Setting up java & android development environement
Intro to Android platform
Android application life cycle

Deep dive into Java with OOP

Day 2 :
Exception Handling
Intro to Android components & Designing App Visuals – 1

Day 3 :

Content Providers
Broadcast receivers
Designing App Visuals – 2
UI Layouts
UI Controls
UI Event Handling

Day 4 :

UI Styles / Themes
UI Custom Components
UI Material Design
Data storage & Getting connected to the internet
Shared Preference
Content Provider
Sqlite with ORM

Bonus Topics:

HttpClient ( OkHttp, Retrofit )
JSON Parsing ( GSON, minimal-json )
HTML/XML Parsing ( JSoup )
Why Kotlin is Love ♥
Intro to kotlin
Getting started with Anko (Kotlin) framework
Developing a Real time messaging application

To know and learn more about the World of Android App Development and to create your own App, join the workshop. Registration processes will be announced later. The workshop is recommended for those who have completed OOP course. Only 30 seats are available for the workshop so grab your seat quickly!!!

Registration fees:
500 BDT (For General Students)
300 BDT(For UIU CCL Members)
Registration process will be declared later.

Certificate will be provided after successful submission of a small Android project.

Class Schedule:
Class 1: 12th April
Class 02: 13 th April

Class 03 & 04 will be on first and second week of next semester.

Venue & Date Class Time will be announced later.

Registration :
Registration booth will be available on
9th & 10 th of April from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM on campus ground floor.

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