Date: 17th July, 2020 - 17th July, 2020

Venue : Facebook Live

UIU EDF Presents ”Preparing for 4th Industrial Revolution”


7th & Final Episode: ”Know the Players in 4th Industrial Revolution”

Date: 17 July 2020 (Friday)

Time: 7.30 PM

Platform: Facebook Live (Event Page)


As continuation to our promise to present you with a Webinar Series of the highest quality, and to the further promise, we hereby announce our next guests for the 7th and Final Episode:


Mr. Iqbal Bahar Zahid


Nijer Bolar Moto Ekta Golpo




Mr. Shahed Razon

Managing Director

Hotel Tropical Daisy


Mr. Iqbal Bahar Zahid is the President of Nijer Bolar Moto Ekta Golpo (Make your own story to tell others). His platform is dedicated to build up not only Entrepreneurs but also good human beings. He helped 200,000 young men and women from all across the country to “Make their own story so they can tell others”.


Mr. Shahed Razon is the Managing Director of Hotel Tropical Daisy by Lifestyle Hotel BD Ltd. Hailing from engineering background, then opting for entrepreneurship in Hospitality Industry and also pursuing his passion in Modeling, Mr. Shahed Razon is indeed a perfect fit to emphasize on the multi variant changes of 4th IR.


UIU EDF heartily welcomes Mr. Iqbal Bahar Zahid and Mr. Shahed Razon to the 7th Episode themed ”Know the Players” of our Webinar Series.


Keep an eye on our event page this Friday, 17 July at 7:30 pm.

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