The objectives and aims of UIU will be as follows:

  • To provide state of the art and high quality education as preparation for study or future employment in positions of responsibility across a worldwide range of ICT, Business, Social and Public Organizations.
  • To make available Internationally Recognized Education in Bangladesh and to develop our graduates up to International Standard through getting accreditation of internationally recognized accreditation bodies.
  • To use modern instructional techniques and technology to the best advantage so as to enhance and enrich students’ achievements of their educational and career goals as well as socio-economic development of the country.
  • To establish joint degree programs with USA, UK, Canadian and Australian universities to facilitate quality education and also to make foreign degrees available to the students while staying in Bangladesh at an affordable cost.
  • To provide educational opportunities to persons already employed or engaged in business allowing them to pursue undergraduate and graduate programs without interrupting their careers and without any compromise of quality education.
  • To offer educational programs both on campus and distance learning to students of all nationalities worldwide.
  • To Creation of congenial academic environment for the youth, which will be free from political and other disturbances for their intellectual advancement.
  • To use information technology in all phases of academic as well as administrative aspects of the University program.
  • To undertake such additional programs and activities as are essential to the achievement of the above listed objectives.
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